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Minor Update 1.3.2






We're back with yet another long awaited feature. As I advised on yesterday's post, we're adding Roadblocks to the game. All the legal factions were asked to provide a list of roadblocks they'd like to use and we added them to the system. The feature is available for GOV, PD, SD, FD and the events team for the time being. We plan to make it available to companies where it makes sense as well, for example construction companies. Spike strips aren't a part of this update but it's among the next few features coming, so you can look forward to that either this week, or early in the next one.


We've also increased the pay for the flatbed mission by 2.5x, since it was heavily underpaid. You might notice that your trucking earnings aren't as high as they used to be; this is because we've introduced player owned companies with access to the mission scripts. You can now join an existing trucking company, or if you dare so create one. So watch out for job listings.





Hope you enjoy & looking forward to deliver more.


Thank you for playing,


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Great addition, but I'm not a fan of the scripted trucking job nerf, payments went from $146 to $80 for a 11km route, I'm sorry but I'm not going to drive a 11km for 80 buckos.

I understand it is to encourage player owned trucking companies but since almost everyone joined a company for RP and has their trucking job for money earning, I earn 300 to 600 bucks a week in a player owned company, and make most of money on my trucking since I grinded to lvl 6

This nerf hits me hard since my activity is limited to 4hrs a week at max, I dedicate an hour for trucking and the 3 hrs to RP.

Now I honestly can't keep up with the rent and car loan. Since I can't join another player company I won't be making like I used to unless I pay for PREMIUM to have a 3rd job slot.

I'm excited and disappointed at the same time.

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