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Patch 1.3.1






We're following up yesterday's 1.3 Feature Update with a patch to address some bugs and minor additions.


Perhaps most importantly, we're enabling the Vehicle Theft script for everyone to try. We understand that it may be discouraging to have a lot of the illegal features locked behind a scheme or an application, so we'll try a different approach when implementing new features for the illegal scene. We'll start by opening it up with an attempt to balance it to the best of our ability, and then if it causes issues (such as overwhelming amount of vehicle thefts in this case), we'll continue to balance the script out until it fits well into the server. A lot of thought goes into these features so we want you to try them and enjoy them fully. This of course doesn't mean all schemes will become available to everyone, but we'll continue in our effort to make them more accessible and allow individuals to apply for some of them too.


The changelog for today's patch is:

- Fixed issue with inventory not loading if it had too many (~100+) of items. It will load the first 70 that you can move to access the rest
- Vehicle theft has been made accessible to everyone level 4 and above for the time being
- Added more vehicle theft containers, max 10 thefts can happen at once
- Added max. amount of vehicle stolen over a rolling 8 hour period, currently set to 30
- Added messages sent to LSPD/LSSD when medics go on duty
- Added /tems for LSFD
- /outfit inside company and faction properties
- Fix /setstation inside vehicles
- Fix for businesses not getting correct visitor reward
- Fix for company vehicles not being added for newly created companies


We're planning another feature update ahead of this weekend to introduce long awaited Roadblock script. Spike strips are also in the works, but I'm not sure if we manage to push these out this week or the next so don't want to promise it yet. Some other bits currently being worked on are auto low settings per-player and per-property, graffiti system (not behind a scheme!), and more. 


Additionally, we've changed our #git settings to also include pushes into branches other than the master branch. This means you'll now see what our development is working on that wasn't merged into master or fully approved yet; so take it at that face value - what's being cooked. So keep in mind not everything will necessarily be brought to the table, too.



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Recommended Comments

- Added messages sent to LSPD/LSSD when medics go on duty
This is horrible, I get spammed with everyone going on/off duty and I can't even toggle it. Hope it gets fixed.
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