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Happy Los Santos Day!




Thank you to everyone who came along to celebrate 'Los Santos Day 2023' with us earlier this evening - we hope you had a good time!

For those who missed it, we took over Sisyphus Theater for a night of singing, speeches, music and fireworks. Kicking off festivities was Allegra Nixon singing the anthem of Los Santos:




Following this patriotic tribute to our great city, Mayor Timothy Knight gave a speech. Here's a short excerpt from it:


"Today, we are not just celebrating a date in history. We are commemorating the spirit of Los Santos, a spirit nurtured by its rich culture, its diverse people, and its unique heritage. A spirit that dares us to dream, and then gives us the tools to realize those dreams.


In the face of any challenge, let us remember, we are Los Santos. We are the dreamers and the doers. We are the heart and the soul of this city. And together, we will build a future that our forebears would be proud of and that our children will thank us for."




Finally we finished with a set from DJ Sádico and a fireworks display, accompanied by some questionable dancing from citizens and Government officials alike.


Thank you for coming everyone, and Happy Los Santos Day!




(Thank you to @Mouse and partner for helping with screenshots, more to follow)

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It really shows you can sneak into anywhere with a high-vis, I snuck into the crowd screenshot!


Side note: my rental property was just off screen for several of the images in the anthem slideshow, highly disappointed.


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It's beautiful! 🥰 I was really expecting something like " Lucas Forman " somehow sneaking into the anthem. But ya, it's great. ❤️

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