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August 2023 Staff Update




Hello and welcome to the August 2023 Staff Update! There have been a few changes this last month, some very popular, some not so popular, and we've been monitoring where feedback is popping up and making changes.


We have plenty of bug fixes soon to come and as you will have seen, we were busy last week pumping out updates almost daily in the run up to the weekend. As briefly mentioned before, we aim to be releasing updates as and when they are ready rather than waiting for a convenient time to release them (for example, on a Sunday). This means you may not see updates as rhythmically as usual, but you will see more little bursts of additions and fixes as we saw last week. As always, you can take a look at #updates and #git on Discord to see what the development team are currently working on.


Property Requests - As promised in the last staff update, we have now created a property request section headed by @betonists who will be handling all your property needs. As of right now, we are finishing up the last of the custom shell interiors on the test server to be ported across to the main server, where users will be able to choose an array of custom business and residential interiors for their properties, as well as a limited choice of vanilla GTA V interiors.


Here is our internal spreadsheet for tracking the last wave of feedback that our Communications Team collated:




Of 20 suggestions deemed essential by the community, there are only 5 that we have not started and are able to, and 1 that we need clarifying. In this case, what are "inventory updates"? You can see yourself what the stats are for the other ones. I hope this helps you see how seriously we're taking your feedback, and though we don't always put out the features that you most want, do have faith that we are prioritising the most essential ones over ones that could maybe stand to wait a few more weeks.


We want to once again thank our dedicated staff team for their hard work and activity in moulding the server into the direction we want to take it. We are not always correct, but our active testers do a great job of being ingame and involved in the server's life cycles, and providing us with feedback given to them by players. Our Tester Team has given a total of 4,026 hours, 2 minutes and 49 seconds this month alone between them, with an average of 77 hours and 30 minutes per Tester this month, which is an incredible amount of time to give to help build our community and presence on GTA V. Our Premium Members show similar levels of activity, with 70 hours and 40 minutes being the average time for a Premium Member to be ingame. A huge thank you to all who help build our community - we do this because we want a place to build for you to enjoy your free time.


Leadership Changes


Congratulations to @Kane on his well deserved promotion to Manager. His new role will be joining @Ben in the Head of Operations position, a responsibility which they will both share. Ben will serve as the Head of Community, opposite Kane as the new Head of Staff.


Additionally, @ImperiumXVII has been promoted to Lead Administrator and takes on the new role of Head of Factions, with @kendrick taking over as Head of Legal Factions. Imperium will assist Kane and Ben as the Assistant Head of Operations, and will oversee Head of Legal Factions and the Faction Team Council.


Please use our Management Structure page as your point of contact reference.


Without further ado, congratulations to our newly promoted staff members ...





Lead Admin



Senior Admin

Kendrick — Nature — Jack


Game Admin

almightybounter — risen — Marshall — betonists


Welcome back to our returning staff members ...


Junior Admin

Kotwica — leo


Junior Tester

Wesson — For3v3r

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