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  1. My kin, make those lames beg for PC, aint no other way
  2. Allow people to park vehicles anywhere. When you park the vehicle, it stays spawned and interactable for the next five or so minutes. If no one interacts with the vehicle, it despawns. However, if someone interacts with it (such as trying to break into it), then it stays spawned. This would discourage people from just doing /v park and /q in quick succession. It was always an unattractive part of the community.
  3. Cayl

    Free Games

    https://etail.market/assassin-s-creed-odyssey ass creed odyssey
  4. Just keep it how it is in-game. It's weird if a sheriff's deputy has to respond to a call that's actually 5 minutes away, but has to roleplay arriving 4 hours later.
  5. A sigma male grindsetter, pretty much myself.
  6. It would be cool to see the faction leadership encourage community engagement in character. On SAMP, it was too few and far between characters actually getting fleshed out. It felt like a lot of players, who joined law enforcement factions, just followed a formula.
  7. I don't care much for accessories, but removing pieces of clothing from a "set" would be cool.
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