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Staff Reinstatements

This topic will outline how you may reinstate and the requirements if you were a former staff team member. This topic is for pre-launch of our server. Requirements and guidelines may be subject to change post-launch. Reinstatements are looked at on case by case basis.   We are currently RECEIVING reinstatement requests but will not be accepting until February 9th, 2022.   In order to submit a reinstatement request, you must:   Be active in the community, whether


Ben in General

You Must Adhere to the Rules...

Hello everyone   In order to make the rules easier to navigate and understand, we have decided to move them away from the forums and onto our very own wiki page! It will still be accessable from our boards, as you can easily click the "Rules" tab on the menu bar.     The rules are split into five different categories: Server Rules Account Rules Forum Rules Rules of Engagement Legal Faction Rules   With the rules be


Ben in General

We're looking for mappers & modders

Hey,   we're looking to add new mappers and modders to our ranks, including team leaders.   Positions Available: Modder Mapper   Contact: Please add and message me on Discord at Kane#1683 if you're interested. (On the off chance I don't accept your friend request, please mention me in #main on the discord server.) Please come prepared with a portfolio.   MODDING TEAM Modder   Responsibilities: Choose y


Kane in General

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