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SA-MP Game Update 13.3.8




Happy Saturday, we have a SA-MP gamemode update! We will be updating today to 13.3.8 and will be introducing the following:


- Adds new logging method
- Adds /closedoor as an opposite to /opendoor
- Adds hearing gunshots outside a property from inside
- Adds correct penal code to the MDC
- Adds new LSPD skin mods
- Changes max houses from 4000 to 5000
- Changes LSFD /duty to no longer give armour
- Fixes grams changing to milliliters when doing /pad
- Fixes businesses showing in /tpda that can't afford components
- Fixes apartments not seeing gun shots from the hallway
- Fixes TPDA setting wrong checkpoint
- Fixes rare instance of a paid fine showing in /fines
- Fixes /binds being activated in /carmenu
- Fixes cell lock status in /cellview
- Fixes property max ID display


Keep making Suggestions, we have taken a look at them recently and if you missed it, we've put some of them on our UCP for you to vote on. You can see what we're working on next by going to Roadmap - Los Santos Roleplay (ls-rp.com) and you can even vote on what you want to see!


Happy gaming,


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Good job Michael. You're the star that shines bright in our time of great peril.

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Beautiful. It's great to see LSRP getting updated with the newer times. More updates like this and things will be smooth sailing. 

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