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RageMP Game Update 2.2 / June 2024 Community + Staff Update




Hi all,


Just want to say a massive thank you to the community and the staff members who are actively working in the background to make Los Santos Roleplay a great server to play.


There has been a lot of teams working in the background to provide Los Santos Roleplay with the best roleplay possible and listening to our community with any changes that are needed.


Let's not beat around the bush here. There is an obvious elephant in this room.


What happened at Wonderland 2024? Also (sadly) known as the "Alien Event"


We rushed it, plainly put. The event was originally scheduled for later in the month, with a much better marketing strategy, but due to other constraints - namely that we haven't had a big event since the SA-MP relaunch - it was pushed forward and what would have been a couple of months turned into a couple of weeks. This is no fault of the event organisers, @ROZE and @Xanakin, but is a consequence of Management deciding last minute that we need a big event ASAP to offset the fact we haven't had one yet without putting much thought into how the months of preparation could be condensed into two weeks in a way that doesn't over-saturate players. We've heard your feedback and we realise now that we truly did over-saturate you guys with the event.


The general consensus within the staff team around the festival is that if you roleplay in an area in East LS that can see the festival, why not simply roleplay around it? People in and around Ganton can see the festival clear as day, so why not use this opportunity to do something different? Intercept the new civilian traffic in Playa de Seville, move your roleplay indoors to hide your shady dealings from the increased foot traffic, go to the festival and push pills, maybe even write a letter to the Mayor complaining about the noise?


Unfortunately we failed to see that not everybody wants to roleplay the festival existing, and for people in the Killeen Mob turf in Playa de Seville, it was really hard to ignore. I only really realised this myself when I stood at Ganton 24/7 and I could see the giant UFO and red spotlights beaming out from behind it. I see why it's distracting when you want to ignore it. That's why we've reduced the render distance so you need to be on East Beach to see it, and we moved it up by Atlantic Avenue, so you cannot see it from Playa de Seville.


The marketing was rushed. Again this is no fault of the organisers but a consequence of Management demanding that they pack months' worth of news articles, interviews, social media posts and announcements into two weeks. This means that, unfortunately, we did things like create UFO objects in the county which - originally - were intended to be very clearly movie props, with 3D text labels, construction equipment, etc., most of that was left out and people's imagination went wild with the fact a UFO has just appeared. We even saw the LSSD send out a bomb squad to make sure it was safe, which shouldn't have happened in any real, obvious-movie-prop scenario.


What this rushed marketing caused is a cascade of people roleplaying actual aliens. We tried our best from the start to tell people they were just movie props and smoke machines, not an actual UFO crash, but it seemed to be too little, too late. We should have advertised Wonderland first, and then slowly introduced the theme, before any movie props were spawned. This turned into rumours, SAN ran away with an actual alien invasion conspiracy, and people started roleplaying things that are not acceptable on our server. We should have made it clear from the start it was a festival and not allow anybody to run away with the idea of an alien invasion being roleplayed.


After all, LS-RP was built on its realistic portrayal of gang life, and dare I say that is the reason LS-RP exists. Police factions exist, pretty much, to mirror gangs. After all, legal civilian roleplayers rarely interact with police, so why would we need a police faction without the illegal roleplayers?


And now the controversial UFO text. We repeatedly said, especially to illegal and gang roleplayers, "don't want to go to Wonderland? Just ignore it". You can't ignore it when we put text up in the middle of your screen saying "have you seen the UFO?". That was a clear and obvious mistake, and while it was only ~3 seconds that it was on the screen, it immediately pulled everyone out of their roleplay and, understandably, upset a lot of people. You can't ignore it when you stand at Ganton 24/7 and look east, and half your screen is filled with a giant UFO and red beams of light. We told you to ignore it, and made it impossible to do so for half the map.


I think something we did do right is scrap the implementation of the alien skin. Although only 1 person was going to use it, there was a lot of upset that the skin doesn't look like a costume and that it might encourage people to roleplay seeing an actual alien, so we scrapped it.


The Faction Team has done a great job of forwarding complaints around Wonderland 2024 from the illegal roleplayers of the server. Please keep directing your feedback to them and they will continue gathering it and directing it to us. After all, the Illegal Faction Team are part of the same staff team that I am part of, that the Head of Legal Factions is part of, that the Events Team is part of - we are one team and they do a good job of keeping illegal roleplayers' concerns heard. We can't improve for next time if you don't tell us how to improve, we (sadly) are not all-knowing, although sometimes it seems we act like we are, and that's something we're working on.


But as much negativity as we got, we had over 100 people at Wonderland on Saturday enjoying the event, giving positive feedback, and generally just having fun! Wonderland is a place where people can be a little sillier, with their costumes, dance animations, and music. We try our best to keep this contained to Wonderland, however, so people outside of Wonderland aren't exposed to the silliness! Check out this video by Big Tank, one of our long-standing illegal roleplayers!



Anyway. You want to ignore Wonderland 2024, I'm not going to bore you anymore with it. The event is still running for the rest of the weekend, albeit further north up East Beach and not directly outside Playa de Seville. 


Now onto the rest of the community update.




@Dos Santos will be releasing a community survey tomorrow. You will be able to find this at Surveys - Los Santos Roleplay (ls-rp.com) so make sure you keep an eye out! An announcement will be posted tomorrow when the survey is created.


Development Team




The development team, especially @danut and @stringer, have still been working hard on our RageMP server and have put together this update for you to enjoy! It takes elements from our SA-MP server and improves on them massively, while introducing new cars, vehicle mods, and other goodies.


[RAGE Multiplayer Game Update 2.2]
- Added ped-based corpses system
- Added morgue functionality to MDC
- Added initial corpse forensics (identification and wounds)
- Added 6 new vehicles and their variations (Freeway, Roxanne, Slave, Remus2, Riata, Sandstorm)
- Added company chat color menu to /company UI
- /blockpm and /blockallpm are now available to all players
- Changes Flatbed mission from timer to skill-check minigame
- Changes /low chat color to be darker




Commerce and Estate Team - @Superb

Business Auctions: 7 businesses were auctioned this month on forums, and more businesses are planned to be pushed in steady intervals. If you're interested in grabbing one, keep an eye on the following link: https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/forum/946-business-auctions/
In-game Auctions: We have been setting more and more properties into auctions IG to make sure the players having consistent supply of properties.


Business Leasing Success: Business leases are open once again this month, feel free to send in your application if you would like. More information: https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/forum/957-business-leasing/


Office Leasing: We are currently setting up an office leasing system based on the players' requests, this was made feasible with the new properties cap increase. More information on this will be provided later this week. 


Exclusive & Exotic Vehicles: We have pushed another 3 different exotic vehicles (Hotknife, BF Injection, & Sparrow) for the players to bid on, for more information:  https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/forum/948-vehicle-auctions/


Illegal Faction Team Council - @badhbh @Spectre @Kev


This month, we're happy to have taken on a number of unofficial factions into Official Faction Candidacy. These factions have been assigned faction handlers who are experienced in the factions area of roleplay, and will work with the leadership of these factions to heighten their quality of roleplay and assist them through the candidacy process in order to be accepted as Official Factions in the near future. 


The Illegal Faction Team have been working hard to identify areas in need of improvement on the server. With the reintroduction of Faction Complexes, Faction Businesses and the Scenario Scheme which was highly requested, we hope to provide factions with new and unique roleplay opportunities to keep things fresh for the community as a whole. For more information on these schemes, and how you can apply, please visit: Information, Guidelines & Updates - Los Santos Roleplay (ls-rp.com) 


The Illegal Faction Team has recently had an addition of several new and returning IFT members. Shaikh has taken over the role of Head of Turfs and has been working with factions to keep our Turf Map up to date. We'll be having a meeting between Illegal Faction Council and IFT to discuss future development ideas in order to submit them to our Development Team for review within the next week. We'll also be discussing many of the ideas presented by the Illegal Faction Public Team, if you'd like to join and have your opinions heard, please PM @KUnderwood who is currently looking after the Public Team while @Kev is on LOA. 


Community Engagement Team - @ROZE


The Community Engagement Team is currently sorting through a large back log of videos created especially to advertise the best parts of LS-RP and you will soon seen these popping up on our social media!


Events Team - @danielswe

First off, we are pleased to announce the addition of two new members to our team! In terms of events, this past month has been relatively quiet. The event we held this month was a boxing match, which was enjoyable for all involved.


There was also consideration of a music festival, with preliminary talks held before the announcement of the Wonderland event, but it seems we were over-shadowed by Wonderland popping up out of nowhere! 


Lastly, we are contemplating organizing a Los Santos Grand Prix event on the Rage server, utilizing the available F1 cars. To ensure a successful turnout, we plan to implement an out-of-character (OOC) registration process before finalizing the track mapping. Our goal is to secure participation from 10 to 15 attendees to make the event worthwhile.


Staff Team - @Michael


Today we're opening staff reinstatements and we're also opening Tester Team applications for those that haven't been part of our team yet, so make sure you get your application sorted as both avenues to (re)enter the team will close at 23:59 on Sunday, 7th of July!


Congratulations to our newly promoted staff members ...


Senior Admin

Game Admin
daidough - Eren - JesterJr - Joey

shaikh - Ace - Cashew


Junior Admin

celestine - Spanion - Zaw

Trainee Admin
danut - matt



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Posted (edited)

Glad that everything was cleared up, well done to all the teams and those that were promoted!

Edited by Helius
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I think this is a good self criticism and apology, one thing/suggestion I do have is trying to find ways to cater events to be things that illegal players/factions can get involved in. While we shouldn't ignore civilian roleplayers, illegal roleplay is the heart of LSRP and what keeps it afloat. I went to Wonderland and checked it out, but it wasn't a good space for serious roleplay. 


As an example, Wonderland could've been a local hip hop music festival set on the basketball courts in East Los Santos, inside of Glen Park or an area with more space somewhere else in East Los, Ganton, South Central etc. This would be an event that illegal roleplayers would be able to seriously roleplay with and be involved in, I also think it would've been quite popular. Basically every gang faction has a few characters who roleplay as rappers, management or the events team could've gotten some of the main gang factions involved having them send their best rappers to preform at the event. 


For legal roleplayers, when you look at hip hop festivals in the US even smaller ones full of local talent they are backed by big businesses because ultimately it's very profitable. So companies like ROZE could have still sponsored the event and SAN could have still advertised it. Also hip-hop is the most popular genre in the US, all sorts of people listen to it and civilian roleplayers would also be able to attend the event just as music fans. 


This is just a quick example of how an event could be structured to appeal to illegal roleplayers while also not excluding legal roleplayers. 



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  • Developer

Well done everyone, such a solid team and very well deserved all the promotions etc.

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  • Management
11 minutes ago, Aberdeen said:

Surprised the PR statement wasn't AI generated the way things are going.


I wrote it entirely from the bottom of my heart with you in mind the whole time

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Congrats to all the staff members. As for Wonderland, it wasnt really my scene. But I did drop by to see what the event was all about because I like the effort by the team to try and breahte some fresh life into the server and to give events for people who aren't deeply invested into the illegal roleplay scene. It was a cool idea, personally I think the size of some of the costumes at the event got a little ridiculous, an huge pumpkin filling up the entire dancefloor got annoying quickly to anyone else in the area.

You don't always land on your first shot, but that doesn't mean you should stop firing. Look forward to all future events. As you said yourself, the first event of SAMP since it's return and you've already learnt lessons. I look forward to the future.

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