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  1. Happy Saturday, we have a SA-MP gamemode update! We will be updating today to 13.3.8 and will be introducing the following: - Adds new logging method - Adds /closedoor as an opposite to /opendoor - Adds hearing gunshots outside a property from inside - Adds correct penal code to the MDC - Adds new LSPD skin mods - Changes max houses from 4000 to 5000 - Changes LSFD /duty to no longer give armour - Fixes grams changing to milliliters when doing /pad - Fixes businesses showing in /tpda that can't afford components - Fixes apartments not seeing gun shots from the hallway - Fixes TPDA setting wrong checkpoint - Fixes rare instance of a paid fine showing in /fines - Fixes /binds being activated in /carmenu - Fixes cell lock status in /cellview - Fixes property max ID display Keep making Suggestions, we have taken a look at them recently and if you missed it, we've put some of them on our UCP for you to vote on. You can see what we're working on next by going to Roadmap - Los Santos Roleplay (ls-rp.com) and you can even vote on what you want to see! Happy gaming, Michael
  2. Your honor, justice comes to everybody that breaks the law. A heart surgeon is not above the law, and neither is Dr. Cohen. The defense will demonstrate fairly simply how Dr. Cohen violated the law and was held to account for it. We do not live in a society where certain people can commit crimes where others cannot. We should not live in such a society; such a society would break down. We will demonstrate to the court that Dr. Cohen was unlawful in his usage of his license and we hope that the plaintiff understands exactly why everybody must be held to account, even our city's doctors, when they break the law.
  3. "Your honor, Sophie Thyne for the Los Santos Police Department."
  4. 0.3DL https://ls-rp.zip/downloads/sa-mp-0.3.DL-R1-MP-install.exe Head to https://ucp.ls-rp.com to create a character
  5. What is your account username?
  6. Skin name CRC hash lvpdpc2.dff 0xFBD1EA7C lvpdpc2.txd 0xDC92731E lapdpd2.dff 0xA558D422 lapdpd2.txd 0xA442E2DA fwciv1.dff 0x638C1CBA fwciv1.txd 0x13D084DD fwciv2.dff 0xC2B5217 fwciv2.txd 0xFE3CD4D1 maciv1.dff 0x3C13045A maciv1.txd 0x7A8C4AB mbbiz1.dff 0xCC48D95D mbbiz1.txd 0x2577F25B mwbiz1.dff 0x442F2168 mwbiz1.txd 0x2E66F4DF mbdrg1.dff 0x312B3DDC mbdrg1.txd 0x310ED28C fasher.dff 0x212B130D fasher.txd 0xD09F04BC fbikesher.dff 0xA06D899A fbikesher.txd 0x2FB579D5 fbsher.dff 0xC3D99473 fbsher.txd 0x660FE5C9 fwsher.dff 0xF8509BA6 fwsher.txd 0xE05769BE masher1.dff 0x698F8B54 masher1.txd 0x246D81F2 masher2.dff 0x4B349C5A masher2.txd 0xCD8BC255 masher3.dff 0xB19557E3 masher3.txd 0xB28CFE47 mbikesher.dff 0x10EB217D mbikesher.txd 0x9196E2D8 mbsher1.dff 0x230A47DA mbsher1.txd 0x8F2DB9D6 mbsher2.dff 0x31EFEF mbsher2.txd 0x9B0D8BA3 mhsher.dff 0x29E1670A mhsher.txd 0xC243F0B4 mwsgts.dff 0xCE5D80F6 mwsgts.txd 0xD79C64A6 mwsher1.dff 0xFC53D6B mwsher1.txd 0xCF38936B mwsher2.dff 0x25DFB572 mwsher2.txd 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