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The game server is now open for pre-release. You can join server.ls-rp.com if you have an accepted character, and active Premium Membership. If you're an early supporter, you're now able to redeem your credits at https://ucp.ls-rp.com/ and activate Premium Membership.


The goal of the pre-release is to test the game mode in production before the gates open during the full release. We're happy to invite you in game, however bear in mind that you may encounter a few bugs or some of the scripts not fully set up yet. We'll work tirelessly around the clock in the next week to deal with fixes and finetuning to make the main launch as smooth as we can. Be ready to endure a bunch of restarts and other minor inconveniences as we work on the final polish. I'll note a few things here that I feel many would be asking:


- There won't be a wipe before the main release. We intend to keep everything; however we reserve the right to remove assets from any account if it's necessary due to an exploit we found, or a misconfiguration that caused people to gain money too quickly.

- Everyone spawns with $500 in cash and will receive $285 into their bank account every 60 minutes spent IG, until you reach level 3. This is considered starting cash but instead of a lump sum it's spread around. We know that the economy is very important for long term stability and are ensuring that there are systems in place to monitor economic growth, inflation and any abnormalities.  


- Rental properties are set up. There will be no personal property ownership in the very near future before the economy is stabilized. We've had some issues with our interior mods and had to change course last minute, so all properties currently have the same 2 basic interiors. This will change over the course of the next week as we add presets our mapping team has been working on. Everyone who rents a property will get one free property interior change to choose what they like.


- There's a grace period of three weeks starting tonight where you don't have to get a driver's license. Law enforcement won't punish you for not having one. You can do all the jobs, with the exception of trucking, for that you've to get a driver's license and CDL. You've these three weeks to get a license.


- Accessories (watches, hats, etc) will become purchasable in clothing stores throughout the week, to be set up.


- Why premium only? We want the pre-release a bit more controllable to find immediate issues that pop up. We also want to reward players who've financially supported the server and allowed us to pay the bills to spin everything up for everyone. Release for everyone is scheduled for next Friday, time TBD.


- You're expected to play as if the server was fully released. Make sure to follow the RULES as they'll be enforced. Stay In Character at all times, like you normally would. If you have an issue, please submit a /report or a /helpme request. 


- Please remember that this is only the first iteration of the server, and we will be continually improving (not just fixing bugs) as we continue to grow. We will be releasing a list of features included at launch, as well as upcoming features ordered by priority. Community surveys and feedback will play a vital role in shaping the future of the server, so keep an eye out for these when they are published. 


Our mission is to provide a fair, fun and enjoyable server for our community. If there is a feature not currently included in the server, or you have strong opinions or thoughts on things we must take into consideration for the server’s launch, please post these in the suggestions board. 

Please bear with us as we iron everything out and get everything ready for the official public launch, set for next Friday, 16th June, time TBD. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


See you in game!

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