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  1. Va pupa tata, tata nu eu @luca
  2. The young people who pretended to be thugs and terrorized teenagers, in the malls of Bucharest, investigated on freerom. The second-hand mobsters are from 1 Decembrie commune, Ilfov county, and to show everyone that they can make fun not only in real life, but also on the Internet, they started posting pictures of themselves holding knives, guns or even while they were high. It didn't take long, and the images reached the police who opened an investigation and began to hunt down the underling influencers. In a short time, the investigators discovered that the young people are part of the so-called young wing of the Scumpu clan, a clan of thugs from the 1 Decembrie commune. Trying to prove to the seniors in the clan that they can follow in their footsteps to prison without any problem, the young people started filming themselves handling guns, taking drugs or threatening and hitting children in Bucharest malls. They were not completely lacking in intelligence, considering that they only knew how to commit acts of aggression in malls in areas that were not covered by video surveillance systems. However, the evidence provided by the suspects themselves, through the pictures, stories and video clips posted on Instagram or TikTok, was enough for the police. Thus, the police opened a criminal case for non-compliance with the weapons and ammunition regime and carrying or using dangerous objects without the right. In the case, it was noted that, since October 2021, constantly, persons suspected of committing violent crimes would have posted photo/video materials on social networks, in which one or more persons displaying a hostile or inciting attitude are shown to violence, while they are in places specially arranged for fun or agreement, using weapons or other objects manufactured/prepared specifically for cutting, stabbing or hitting," said Angelo Badea, head of the IGPR weapons service.
  3. The Romanian Interlop Clan are here to create a realistic portrayal of an Romanian Interlop Clan who immigrated to America, as well as a Romanian community. To join, there are a few criteria you need to recognize before you get into roleplaying with our faction. If you are not serious about quality roleplaying that contributes to faction, then you will be excluded. Q.P - If you have questions about faction you can leave a message on forum at @Trailblazer
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