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Community Meeting: 4th June




 Hey y'all,

It's time for another update from our Community Meeting - thanks to everyone who came along to attend earlier this evening.


Although it was slightly shorter than usual it did give us a chance to chat through a few more community questions than we usually would. For those of you who missed it, here are the basics:

Development Update

  • There are no more critical bugs nor release-blocking bugs remaining
  • We have entered 'code freeze' stage and are beginning data migration to the production server
  • We are still on track for a public release of 16th June
  • We aim to enter a 'pre-release' phase next weekend, whereby staff, mappers, modders and individuals with Premium accounts will be allowed to enter
  • The UCP is being updated as a priority to allow everyone to get character applications in ahead of launch


Sub-team updates

  • Modding welcomes a new member, Mouse, and has also successfully updated all branded clothing items to be in line with RageMP's new policy, thanks to considerable efforts from Jack. 
  • Mapping continues to churn through mapping requests. Duco, as Interim Head of Mapping, is also in the process of implementing a process for requesting mapping projects.
  • Communications has been focusing on producing another feature demo (listed below), discussing survey results with other sub-teams, helping with Wiki creation and setting up social media.
  • Content Management has focused on updating clothing tags this week ahead of code freeze
  • Legal Factions has set up some custom uniforms, started setting up Teamspeak, and updated IC laws for trucking weight limits and safety
  • Property Management has focused on sorting out rental prices ahead of launch, ensuring that there will be a range of properties available for a variety of budgets
  • Player Support continues to focus on Wiki production, which we hope to have finished ahead of launch
  • The Events Team waits patiently for server release, but is taking on more members (see below for details)
  • Faction Team met recently to discuss the new contraband, drugs, weapons and prison schemes, as well as actions to be taken as part of the survey results. 


Sub-team positions available

  • The Communications Team is looking for anyone interested in helping us market the server, particularly those with graphic design, video capturing/editing, and copywriting skills. The application can be found here
  • The Events Team is looking for members who are willing to dedicate some time to delivering unique events for the server. Its application can be found here


Feature Demo

Rather than attempt to show off the feature demo in the meeting itself, we uploaded it straight to YouTube this week. You can check out our demo on the lawn mowing system here:



Mapping Showcase

We showed off a few screenshots from recent mapping/furniture projects, including a salon and two clubs. Check out the screenshots below:
















Closing thoughts

Thank you to everyone who came along to the meeting, we know that there's not been quite as much to show off in terms of new features (given that we're at a feature freeze stage!) however we hope that you still enjoyed being able to catch up with the team and see where everything is at.


Our next meeting is scheduled for the usual time of 9pm on Sunday, go ahead and sign up here!

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Good stuff good stuff. Fun watching all the youtube videos with Mmartin and co in general chat right after the meeting.


I'm glad we finally can expect a launch. 

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