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Happy birthday, LS-RP




Hello everyone,


we've now reopened the SA-MP server for everyone again. This is a very poetic way to celebrate LS-RP's 17th birthday. Normally I'd get all into it teary and sentimental, but I just want to go ingame. To join:


This is a very exciting evening, and I've to say that tonight is gonna be a real stress test for the server. Both from a technical and staffing OPV. We'll monitor for any issues and try to fix or mitigate them as soon as they occur. Please keep this in mind and I'm sure we'll iron out any major nuisances over the weekend.


Can't wait to see you all in game!


You have all the assets on your characters that you've had when the server closed. If you're missing a property or business, it's probably because it was sold for inactivity before the server closed. Also keep in mind we'll be extra vigilant re. poor reasons to kill and DM. You may want to hold off on any major conflicts, because punishments for any DM/PRTK in the days after launch will be ban.


Notice re. PF licenses:




All current PF & CCW firearm licenses have been removed pursuant to discussions with leadership, and the Illegal Faction Team. We have decided to introduce this change as a result of having 5 official factions, with access to weapon warehouses which will be utilized as the primary distribution network of weapons on the server. We believe that this change will help mitigate the issues we have faced in the past, surrounding deathmatch & poor reasons to kill. 

Applications for PF & CCW's will now be handled on the main boards, as opposed to the LSPD's personal website. You can find the application process here — https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/forum/844-license-to-purchase-a-firearm/




Let's go gamers!

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