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Server Release






The server has been released. The IP is server.ls-rp.com:22005


I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen. The development team for creating an incredible piece of software, and our entire staff team for thousands of hours of testing and valuable input. It's great to see so many experts and generally passionate people come together to make something out of pure drive to do the best they can. I also want to thank our community for the continuous support through thick and thin. We made this for you, I hope you'll enjoy it.


Just to give you some insight, we've spent over 8000 hours on the test server. During development, around 800 bugs were found and reported, most of which were fixed. The entire stack is proudly made in house, with the exception of purchased maps and mods.


Before you hop in-game, please allow me to leave you with a note for the following days. Keep an open mind and explore the server. See what's around. Some features were intentionally omitted to release as soon as we can. If you feel like things could be improved, please make a suggestion, we'll let the community vote on what the priorities are. The next weeks will be primarily finetuning and bugfixes with the odd feature sprinkled in-between. I wouldn't advise you to spend too much time in the character creator in the first few days during peak as despite our best efforts to avoid it, there may be some instabilities and we'd hate for you to lose your character creation progress. You can reset and start over with your appearance until 1st of July. You can also import a Menyoo XML if you'd prefer.


The server may be unstable in the following days, should any unforeseen issues arise. Rest assured we'll be on top of any issue immediately and keep you informed throughout.


There's a grace period for getting a Driver's license of two weeks starting from today. Take your time to get it, it doesn't have to be today, the police won't ticket you. Robberies and scams are not allowed for the time being, they'll be allowed shortly. 


Special note to factions old and new, I know your eyes are on us. I understand the expectations you have and we'll work to make LS-RP the place to be for faction roleplay. Give us time, let us work things out and I'm sure you'll love it.


And that goes for everyone — hop in-game and enjoy the game. This is the start of the second generation of Los Santos Roleplay, and you were here.


- Martin, on behalf of the LS-RP Staff

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