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Community Meeting: 18th June




Couldn't make the recent community meeting? Fret not, the notes are below:


Launch Status

  • We successfully launched the server on Friday 16th June. Read the full announcement here
  • We're very pleased to have had so many players join us on our first day, thank you to everyone who came in-game to try everything out over the weekend!
  • Despite connection issues, the server has been handling it well and all major issues that occurred were handled promptly. We're just waiting on an update from our service provider on providing additional measures to ensure greater stability. 
  • We peaked at 350 players on day one and have maintained a good player base over the weekend, which we're very excited to build on moving forward. 


Fun Server Stats

Everyone loves a statistic, and we've got some partially random, partially useful ones here for you to peruse:

  • 1,250 unique characters logged in 
  • 1,500 lawns mowed
  • 7,000 trucking routes completed
  • 6,102 fish sold
  • 120+ player-owned vehicles
  • 220+ rented properties
  • $2,200,766 in character bank accounts
  • $120,525 sent to other players via /pay
  • 4,596 attempts at the DMV test


Hotfixes & QoL

We've made a range of quick fixes and quality of life improvements over the weekend, the details of which can be found in #changelogs, the highlight of which being the addition of /bbc. We'll continue to add more QoL improvements as we know that many people are used to these from other servers.


Sub-team Activities

  • Modding: Still seeking new modders, adding new hairstyles/clothes and furniture
  • Mapping: Shell interiors remain a priority
  • Communications: Assessing initial feedback (more below)
  • Content Management: Nothing exciting to report
  • Legal Factions: Nothing exciting to report
  • Company Management: Reimbursement for business staff and running costs, passive company scheme opened
  • Property Management: High value properties pricing being re-assessed, some being removed and refunds given. 
  • Player Support: Still finalising Wiki. 
  • Event Team: Accepting new members, assisting with initial launch events, accepting new event ideas
  • Faction Team: Reviewing contraband/property scheme applicants, getting factions set up with Darknet access


New Suggestions Process in the Works

We're working on improving our Suggestions process to better reflect our commitment to balance and transparency. This isn't finalised, but to give you a snapshot of how it's looking at the moment:

  1. Suggestions will be split into categories
  2. Players make suggestions on the forums, discussions take place. After around one week, suggestions are either forwarded or rejected by staff (depending on server vision and the discussions that took place)
  3. Staff discussions take place internally, with a core team assessing feasibility and suitability for the server. The suggestion is then either formally accepted or rejected; with reasons given publicly if it is rejected.
  4. Community will receive the opportunity to vote on accepted suggestions in terms of priority, with the core team finalising upcoming priorities and communicating this to players. 
  5. Suggestions are implemented, tested and feedback invited.


We'll provide more insights on this once we're past this initial launch phase and have figured everything out internally. 


The Economy, Paychecks and More

We know there have been some concerns about the economy. What we would encourage everyone to do is read up on our recent announcement about this and how we're planning to tackle the issues people are facing. These are important points to consider, even if you can't be bothered reading the full post: 

  • The economy is in its early stages, and we’re playing it very carefully. 
  • Remember everyone receives 10k as social security.
  • Paychecks are tapered. This is to free up time for roleplay outside of just earning money all the time. 
  • Finance your cars; buying outright isn’t likely to be feasible for some time.
  • Car finance and house rent comes out on a Sunday each week - can’t pay we’ll take it away!
  • Keep providing feedback - some suggestions have already been implemented (lower furniture prices for instance)


We've said this a lot, and we'll keep saying it: getting the economy right is incredibly important in these early stages. Do keep letting us know how it feels to you as a player, and remember that more economic opportunities will open up as money starts to flow around the server. 


Communications Update

Our focus this week shifted back towards community engagement and understanding sentiment around launch, capturing early views on key issues and passing these right up to management. Many of these comments have been discussed at a leadership level, and you can see these reflected in some of the early changes made. We'll continue to do this, but are also going to focus on marketing the server and getting more players in the game as we go along. To this end, we're still inviting new members to join us, so check out this thread if you're interested. 


Thanks to everyone who came along, it's great to see so much passion and commitment to helping LS-RP succeed. We've received really positive responses and constructive feedback which is helping to improve the server and make it the best it can be. We're doing this for you, the players, after all, so keep the thoughts and feedback coming. 


See you in-game during the week, and hopefully catch you at next week's Community Meeting


- Sal

Head of Communications

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