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One Week Later




Hey all,
it's now been over a week that the SA-MP server opened its doors to everyone again. I want to reflect a bit on what's been happening, and provide my thoughts on where we’re at.

It’s fun.

I almost forgot how much fun our SA-MP server is. Not just from the perspective of a player, but also from the perspective of a staff member and developer. It’s been an absolutely hilariously hectic week full of rollercoasters, ups and downs and all. The creative aspect of our community has been blooming even this early on, whether in game or out of it. It’s good to see factions finding their place again and providing players a great roleplay experience. Lots of you have been making videos from LS-RP as well already, which is great to see. I feel our strength as a community is off to a great start.

What really surprised me that according to our metrics it appears about 1/4 to 1/3 of the players who join our SA-MP server have never played LS-RP before. So welcome everyone, make yourself at home and I hope you'll enjoy playing with us. 
Just to give a quick shoutout to a few channels posting LS-RP content:
We’ve also been posting a lot of content on our socials - see Los Santos Roleplay (@lsrpgta) • Instagram photos and videos and ls-rp (@lsrpgaming) | TikTok - show us some love there.

It’s a challenge.

From about all ends. The launch day itself went very smooth, but we were soon met with a crowd of seventeen year old skeletons clacking their way out of the closet right onto the doorstep of the Development and Staff team. Although not all of the technical difficulties we’ve faced were within our reach to fix (looking at you, pesky network providers), the ones that were within our power, we’ve managed to fix. That’s not to say it’s fully smooth sailing from here on out, we’ve much work to do still in regards to stabilization and optimization, but despite an odd crash due to the obscure issues that running a SA-MP server brings, we’re trying to make the experience better every day. Be assured that the moment any technical difficulties arise, our entire team is all hands on deck working on a solution.
To stay on topic of infrastructure a bit longer, we’re currently considering switching to a US East Coast based datacenter. As much as I enjoy low ping, I acknowledge that a major chunk of our player base is from the US, and a significant portion is also from Asia, Australia and Oceania. The latter three suffer the most, since the routes from their countries to Europe are much less optimal than to US. We’re still yet to do some research into this to find the best option, and are waiting to see if GCORE perhaps creates a L7 layer for SA-MP to match our current Path offering, but the switch to US-E is something I’m planning to do, so please hand on tight for now.
The last week has also been a massive test of our staff’s strength. Just since pre-release (and majority of it since around 17th), our team has handled over 4000 character applications, over 17200 helpmes, over 11200 in-game reports, and over 600 discord support tickets, most of which were related to account recovery. Those numbers are nothing short of insane and a big shoutout goes to our staff teams who are holding the line. Worry not, reinforcements to our team are coming EOM, as we’ve received around 50 reinstatement requests by now. 

It’s about you.

To make meaningful progress forward with feature development, we require you to get involved. The suggestion board is open: Suggestions - Los Santos Roleplay (ls-rp.com) and we’re looking for your input on where to go from here. Now that we’re slowly resolving all the infrastructure and administrative issues that degrade player and staff experience, we want to shift a significant part of our focus onto feature development. Please get involved in discussing submitted suggestions. 
I guess this would be a good place to congratulate the community on reaching an astonishing 10k members on our Discord server - https://discord.gg/ls-rp
It’s great to see the server thriving, 

It could be you.

We’re always looking for modders, mappers and developers to join our team. Please send me an application if you’re interested in any of those. In a few weeks we’ll be opening up the tester applications to strengthen our ranks even more, so if you’re looking to apply, now is a good time to show your activity within the community, whether in game, on Discord or forums. By getting directly involved as a staff member, you get to contribute to making the LS-RP experience better for everyone.
Keep it real, keep it close, and I’ll see you in game.
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this is the best thing LSRP has done since they opened the server back in 2007

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