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Illegal Faction Team Update




Rules of Engagement Update

The Rules of Engagement for Illegal Factions have remained more or less the same throughout the history of LSRP with some tweaks and changes along the way to meet the community's feedback.
We've had extensive discussions within Illegal Faction Team Public and our Illegal Faction Team/Council and as a result, we've updated the rules slightly. 


  • New factions are prohibited from provoking other factions and must be open for a minimum of 1 week before conducting an attack on any faction. (Previously, 2 weeks)
    If the newly formed faction is attacked first by an opposing faction, they may actively retaliate against them in a realistic manner that accommodates their faction's current development. It is worth to mention that newer factions shall not attempt to loophole around this clause by performing robberies or brawls with the intention of getting attacked by another faction and entering a faction war. ( To clarify, ALL factions are only being considered as 'opened' on launch date which is 17 May 2024. Meaning to abide by ROE, you should not be attacking until 24 May 2024 )
  • Only FOUR participants can be involved in any faction attack, this includes allies.
    As an attacking faction, you are to choose your weapons realistically based on the severity of the war.(Previously, 6 participants)


These changes have been made, and are active in immediate effect. Any questions can be directed to our Illegal Faction Team, and if you'd like to have your input on illegal roleplay, we encourage anyone interested to send @Kev a PM on the forums expressing interest in joining Faction Team Public where you'll have access to discussions like these. 


Chop Shops & You


The Chop Shop system was first introduced in 2012 and has been around since. At first, it was a part of the thief job however along the way it was amended to revolve around Official Factions.

Since this was implemented, there hasn't exactly been direct guidance of what is expected from official factions who roleplay around the chop-shop in terms of roleplay and behavior, and perhaps some aspects of what is 'acceptable' has been forgotten. We've added the following rules to assist Official Factions in meeting the expectations for roleplay we have for them. 


  • Chain Robberies: It is not acceptable to spend all of your time going from car to car to commit chain robberies all day. You are expected as a representative of an official faction to be an example of proper roleplay to the community as a whole. Chain-robberies will result in admin punishment, and can put your factions Chop-Shop access at risk. 
  • You are expected to roleplay realistic vehicle robberies; doing a single /me and relying on the automated message for hotwiring is not adequate roleplay. Further to this, you're also expected to fully roleplay your actions when taking the vehicle into the chop-shop. Is your character/another faction member a mechanic? Where are the parts going ICly? It takes time to strip a car, and you're expected to roleplay this appropriately.


Illegal Faction Council


Lastly, I'd like to take a moment to thank @Helius for the massive amount of time and effort he's put in to Illegal Faction Council, helping us to get the Illegal Faction Team on its feet and creating a positive environment for IFC/IFT to ensure illegal roleplayers received the support they needed at launch. As he's now stepped out of the role we've decided to bring on @Spectre and @Kev to join myself and @Spanion on the Illegal Faction Council. 

Lastly, it has been brought to our attention that certain factions have been breaching ROE and continue to do so even after the above information was announced on our discord server. While myself, and other members of IFC/IFT understand how frustrating this can be, we need factions to start filing faction reports. It's next to impossible to fully investigate faction reports in-game as there are so many nuances, cooldowns and required evidence to consider before making a decision. By filling a faction report, you're helping us monitor and weed out factions that are not here to roleplay so that we can focus on supporting the ones who have taken the server's SAMP relaunch seriously. You can find the faction report section HERE


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