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  1. As long a Paleto Bay & the other cities outside of Los Santos are not treated like Redneck county, I'm happy. Me and the few are going to roleplay that the area's influenced by the Bay Area so we'll see how that's going to play out.
  2. - Perezoso Gangsters 14, added.
  3. - West Side Procopio Drive Gangster Crips, added.
  4. Norteños Cascabel Avenue 14 Pyrite Avenue 14 Perezoso Gangsters 14 Crips Procopio Drive Gangster Crips ((CK Map will be added, similar to the one that's used by the LA GANG MAP 2021))
  5. so hye im never gonna dye
  6. my kanpolero pandillero... hye as a kyte shooting dyce...
  7. Ese Reaper


    I shoot the wila with the mightiest of all blows…
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