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  1. most hated player. holding records for most bans on all communities. undefeated undisputed.
  2. You do understand that up until level 4, you receive $10,000 right? It is lazy for somebody to ask for all of these assets to be granted to them on a silver plate, without any efforts or contributions going towards them. Not only that, but the current system in place also eliminates the tumour which has plagued the roleplay community for the last decade or so, which is people automatically roleplaying rich. You should garner that influence, and power ICly. Oh, and that does not include any work that you do on the side into the equation. Every single launch of any community is flawed, but to demand for them to stretch out those paychecks is a bit too much. The system that is currently in place is fine. Also afaik PD, SD, GOV, or FD receive more than $285 a paycheck too. (If they don't, they should). Honestly, people should stop stressing about grinding, and should just roleplay. If you want to 24/7 the trucking job, go ahead. That is your time wasted. I have myself, only put a few hours into "grinding" and was automatically thrown off, hence forth it has been nothing but roleplay. Mind you, I'm paying $1,000 for a rented property weekly and I'm completely fine
  3. Needed. The server definately has the funding for this project, it should be invested into this. Bump!
  4. Agreed. There's a thousand and one ways for you to generate income, not only that but you recieve something along the lines of $285 a paycheck. Three hours of roleplay (just roleplay, no grinding, nothing) and you will already have those $700 dollars that you "need" to survive. Schemes will also be opened for the illegal community, and from there on out your imagination will serve as your best friend.
  5. Ese Reaper


    I'm looking for people to play Rust with, I have a group of 4 already.
  6. anyways we ended up throwing it down in downtown sarajevo, this motherfucker is lucky tht i got hit by an artillery shrapnel
  7. Love to see it my boy @Faugh A Ballagh
  8. Put on halt for now due to the lack numbers and change of plans. We'll still be pushing for the BAY AREA influenced roleplay. Chumash is the spot!
  9. “Beaches, sunshine, surf, frequent devastating natural disasters... Chumash prides itself on its small-town community feel, if your small town was full of designer boutiques and multimillion-dollar oceanfront mansions. Where the cool celebrities live...” “North Chumash is a picturesque and still fairly untouched stretch of San Andreas coastline east of Mount Josiah. Visit quickly before it gets ruined by real estate developers or global warming.” Chumash is located just along the Western Highway, less than a mile northwest of the city of Los Santos along the coast. It is bordered by Banham Canyon to the east and south. Chumash is described as the "land of beach hipsters" by Dave Norton, and that "beards are in fashion". It is implied that the town has a large Central Asian immigrant population; Tahir Javan is one notable example. Chumash is wealthy and above middle class, as indicated by the large houses and the Chumash Plaza, a shopping center with many different brands. It is also supposedly where all the "cool celebrities" live. Chumash is located on a strip of land between the Tongva Valley and the beach. The town mostly consists of houses, except for the famous dock and a few convenience stores. Chumash mostly sits on top of sand rather than soil. The settlement continues further south, but strangely the southern half of the settlement is a nameless part of Banham Canyon. Chumash, for some reason, has a large amount of convenience stores, mostly 24/7. In fact, it is the area in the map with the most number of convenience stores. GANGS & THEIR BACKGROUNDS Chumash 14, was once the pride of Nuestra Familia in the south, being the biggest and most active clique prior to it's split & dismantling after a series of RICO and gang indictments that crippled the gang. Chumash was first discovered by Nancy Flores near the beginning of the Shoe war that sparked up between the Nuestra Familia & the Mexican Mafia. The city was a strategical and vital location for the criminal syndicate as it bordered the Mexican Mafia's stronghold, Los Santos. At first it was used as a center of operations by the Nuestra Raza in order for them to spread their influence further south before being ricocheted and entrenched back into Chumash by the Mexican Mafia. Following the large influx of narcotics and violence, the youth was influenced and practically forced into rocking the red flag. Gentrification had not taken place yet, and for the most part the area harbored what the United States considers 'minorities'. Charts show that for the most part Chumash was made up for Central Asian, Mexican-American & African-American residents. Poverty was at all time high, and unemployment was even higher, hence why the youth turned to crime in order to provide for their families, an opportunity that the Nuestra Raza couldn't miss out on. By grooming younger Mexicans. The street regiment that operated around Chumash led by Bob "Four Finger Bobby/Boo Boo" Fortuna at the time, a well respected and high figurehead in the Nuestra Familia, now a near forgotten and outspoken made-man, was ordered to push for the formation of a Northern gang in the region. In order for the Nuestra Familia to infiltrate and completely eradicate the 'upstate Sureños' sects, Four Finger Bobby ordered his members to draft in on the recruitment in the area by providing money, and other materialistic attractions to the residents which led to them giving away their trust to the local Organized Crime syndicate. Gang violence began to erupt, and a series of shootings took place before the entire city was flipped. During the 90s the gang was the Nuestra Familia's highway & gate towards Los Santos, granting them the opportunity to expand their business ventures into the city of Angels. However, after Bob "Four Finger Bobby/Boo Boo" Fortuna's slow yet inevitable fall the regiment which operated around Chumash was dismantled and prosecuted by the Sheriffs Department following a series of multiple RICO cases which led to the arrest of at least twelve. The hierarchy of the gang began to slowly distance itself from what it had been before, members lusting for more and more power which led to the internal split of the Chumas 14 gang. Two sets were formed, with Ocean Side 14 operating in northern Chumas, and Young Ghetto Souls 14 pushing in work in the south. The notorious and gruesome war claimed five before Young Ghetto Souls 14 broke the protocol and purposely claimed the soul of a young child, whom many claimed was a family member of an Ocean Side 14 gang leader, pushing for the YGS14 greenlight from inside Bolingbroke walls. In 2014 Ocean Side 14 was once again targeted and caught up in a RICO case, following up the most recent one in 12th of January 2021. As of current, the gang faces yet another split between the remnants of the gang, facing instability, feuds over territory, drugs and money. Although many claim that Ocean Side 14's the gang that carries on with the legacy of Chumas 14, many more sets have managed to break away from it's core and have pushed for their own sovereignty and legitimacy throughout the years, forming into tagger crews, lowrider clubs similar to the likes of Motorcycle Clubs, and many other outcasts. ----- Norteños Ocean Side 14 ---- Message me through the forums or on discord if you would like your faction to be added to the map. Provide me your faction thread so I can link it to the gang list, alongside the background/story which can be added to the 'GANGS & THEIR BACKGROUNDS' section. ((CK Map will be added, similar to the one that's used by the LA GANG MAP 2021))
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