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  1. What always pains my heart is that people have managed to generated and breed this never ending cycle of division between legal & illegal roleplayers, yet what they do not understand is that one party cannot manage to survive without the other. I feel like yes, to an extent legal rp is more dominant as GTA5 is mainstream and it does call for people from other platforms to migrate, mainly IMVU, Second-Life, Habboo, Gmod and so on. Overall games or communities who do have their own share of roleplay, although it's not as dominant as it us on our platform-- GTA, and it's also these clients that we would consider or call 'sub-par' due to how poor the roleplay scene is. But we cannot blame them, as they've not seen any better. The best way to improve this is by enchanting people's roleplay, me personally I've been on and off GTAW for the past few years. And to be honest with you, there were days and nights where I would just walk around the street, run into a civilian and just roleplay with them. We're talking legal roleplayers, not illegal. And yes, just like any other community they do have their share of 'weirdos' or internet 'fiends' but we must admit. We've had them in the past too. In both the illegal and legal roleplay fields. Overall, I feel like we've to just embrace the fact that it's not SAMP anymore. The demographics have changed, and it's best for us as a community to embrace that fact. If we want LSRP:V to strive and to bang up big digits, then we'll have to co-exist and learn how to roleplay with the legal roleplayers because just like the Thread Holder of the topic said, we the illegal roleplayers are no longer the MAJORITY. Not only that but other illegal roleplayers are migrating over from other communities, FiveM for the most part. The roleplay there is no-where near being elite, so considering the fact how small the illegal community is now, think about how many are veterans and how many are new. For the most part, people have grown up and have grown out of the game. No longer can you see dudes from 2007 still roam the community. People have partners, kids, professions and other aspects of life that interest them more than this thing of ours. However on the other hand, GTA5 is very similar to SAMP during the youth of San Andreas' most downloaded client. There's a new playerbase, there are people who are to be taught, people that you're meant to pass the torch to. So for the remaining illegal RPers who have a lengthy history when it comes to LSRP, and roleplaying as a whole? I heavily advise you to SHARE your knowledge and to TEACH these people, be amiable and if anything encourage quality but also kindness at the same time. Toxicity is what killed LSRP, let's make sure that history doesn't repeat itself.
  2. 2022 the northern invasion taking place... northern love & respect to the devs
  3. Force CKs when people have a pay2win mentality, in terms of prison sentences, it's upto the people if they want to do a long stretch or not. Forcing it won't improve the quality of the roleplay, if anything it'll decrease it.
  4. big bad culo clapper trece homey...
  5. oh my god. is that zaddy i mean owen?
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    where'd you leave off to man?
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    omg Welcome back KEV!!! @Kev
  8. ://// im shooting the hula with this mighty blow... putting your name on the lista... banging the blue until these busters FIND A FUCKING CLUE!
  9. As long a Paleto Bay & the other cities outside of Los Santos are not treated like Redneck county, I'm happy. Me and the few are going to roleplay that the area's influenced by the Bay Area so we'll see how that's going to play out.
  10. - Perezoso Gangsters 14, added.
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