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  1. lol, PD was a joke back then.
  2. Economy is the most important topic, if LS-RP can get this right, it can change everything. I don't know how you can create a realistic economy without making people grind script jobs and keeping the inflation low but if you can manage this? I'll be really fucking amazed. Maybe make the illegal roleplay more rewarding economically, but also make it more riskier with forced CK risks which will make you lose your money as well, or life imprisonments and long charges. Maybe we shouldn't value the money too much and with each CK people should start with certain amount of money, instead of using the few millions they had saved up with their previous characters. Or inflation is inevitable, which will ruin the server for the new players, maybe not in a month, not in a year, but it will eventually, in 3-4 years.
  3. DM factions can be easily spotted out, and if another server has managed to make it happen with their staff team, why LS-RP can't? If they gonna need more staff members for this to work, they better get to recruiting. CK wars should only be forced by the faction management and should only be applied to factions who have no or little to none history of DMers have been up and going for, let's say maybe three months. Just because there are a few dmers here and there, we shouldn't give up on this concept. Also, I believe that people are gonna have to learn to deal with the loss of their characters. This is a roleplaying game after all, we should reap what we sow, we can't always win, and when we lose, we better lose for real, instead of just losing a gun or two and going back to the routine rp, and vice versa, if we win, we should win for good, like I said, CK wars should be profitable for the winning side so it means something. War over supplier spots or territory should be looked into.
  4. I understand the concerns that comes with forced CKs, but I believe that it will add spice to the roleplay, people will fear the lives of their characters. Also I believe that when it comes to faction wars, for some of them, CK perms should be given to both sides. Instead of just killing each other with nothing to gain and nothing to lose other than a weapon, CK wars forced by the faction management that can give the factions something to fight and die for would be nice to see, maybe turf, dominance, vassalizing another faction, taking over a legal front of another faction, or fighting over supplier spots would be awesome to see.
  5. LEOs should only be allowed to Force-CK when the criminal(s) don't fear-rp, such as raising up his weapon against 20 LEOs who got their weapons fixed on him. As long as you value your life, you should be fine.
  6. We don't have to make people spend 72 hours IG while in prison, we can say that A person got sentenced 7 days which he can appeal, parole out or wait it out (doesn't have to be ig, time will still decrease) maybe make them roleplay %5 of the prison sentence IG for the sake of prison rp and prison factions, people underestimate the fact that most of the criminal underworld of California have ties to prison one way or another and prison roleplay is not boring, give it a shot. And doing this will allow the server to have an active court system with active DoJ and lawyers, what did DoJ in old LS-RP do other than handling a few extraordinary cases for certain faction leaders or key members of factions? This will allow people to actively roleplay as lawyers, attorneys, judges etcetra. This will also add a bit of spice to LS-PD and SD for the fact that everything revolves around a court system that comes with lenghty prison sentences. PD and SD detectives will have to have constant communications with attorneys for search warrants, arrest warrants and the list goes on. I don't see any negative effect other than "prison rp is boring" (which I don't agree). If you're roleplaying a criminal, prison will be a part of your life and it is the best place to build networks. Instead of 1v1 fights turning into a murder every time when one of the combatants are armed, this will force criminals to be smarter. You want to take out someone? You better plan it beforehand. This system allows a lot of things, going as far as from RICO cases to money laundering and IRS. Organized crime groups, gangs, police, they will all need to smarten up. DoJ will be active every day, people who'd like to roleplay as lawyers and such will have a chance to actively roleplay on the contrary to old LS-RP, if we want to keep it the same way it was like back in the day, it's all good, if seeing shoot-outs everywhere wherever you drive during peak hours is what you want with inactive DoJ, inactive prison is what you want to see. I belive that the roleplay has evolved to a point where it is more serious, if we keep things the same, it simply won't work out, we all had our fair share of shoot-outs with no consequences, if hard-roleplay is what we're seeking, this is the path we should take.
  7. What are your thoughts on these concepts? Personally I'm a fan of lenghty prison sentences and forced CKs, it forces the illegal roleplayers to be smarter and I would love to see that in LS-RP.
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