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RageMP Game Update 2.1






Today we're releasing a game update for our RAGE Multiplayer server. This update has been in the works for weeks now and I'm happy to see it come to fruition now that the hectic preparation for SA-MP reopening is done. In 2.1, we're introducing a sought after TV feature. You're now able to watch videos ingame with your friends, fully synchronized. We were able to achieve this through RageMp's new CEF functions and collaboration with the W2G team. Besides that, we've also added over 900 new clothes that you can find around the city today. Special shoutout to @danut and @stringer who played the main roles in putting this update together.


The full changelog is:


[Game Update 2.1]
- Added furniture based CEF TV system
- Added 122 pants, 569 tops for females and 39 pants, 42 shoes, 193 tops for males
- Added /reply, /rpm, /rp and /rep to reply to the latest PM
- Added always prompting for spawning at the last location
- Added physics to furniture doors
- Removed /door
- Changed breakin/burglary minigame
- Changed vehicle names loading
- Fixed chat color in company chat
- Fixed nails overwriting faction uniform


I'd also like to mention that we're hosting a Community Meeting this Sunday - 19th of May at 8 PM server time. You can RSVP and join here: https://discord.com/events/351090890456170498/1241114441559314452 . We'd like to talk a bit about how the SA-MP launch went, and what the plans are moving forward. Hope to see you there.


Happy watching!



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Finally can show my friends AFL on a IG TV. Great job Devs love all your hard work! 

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