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  1. Suraru


    Sure there would be plenty. Hell, the name you scratched under the desk is still there... along with the gum. Welcome back either way.
  2. 4 years? Yeah that's been a while. Hope you enjoy your stay, the house keepers left a mint on your pillow.
  3. One love, why not two? Why aren't we worth at least 3 loves? I 4 one, give this place FIVE loves.
  4. Another solid person joining the ranks of our super secret cool kids club. Welcome, and don't forget to lock the front door, in case you were followed.
  5. Suraru


    Is that why you're upside down?
  6. Suraru


    You meant you don't cast them with your STAFF?
  7. Suraru


    More staves! I wonder if any can cast spells?
  8. Welcome back, and thanks for bring the spice. I added too much salt, but this should balance it out.
  9. Welcome back! That stain you left in the corner that one sunday night is still there, just the way you remember it. We haven't even put air freshener on it!
  10. Welcome back, now get in the bathroom and flush the toilet, its been sitting there for YEARS just like you left it. And put the damn seat down.
  11. You know normally I give people a quirky little welcome message, but I'm just confused at what the fuck I'm seeing right now
  12. Welcome back! Don't mind the doorknob, its a bit wobbly. Jimothy said he was gunna fix it any day now.
  13. Suraru


    Izzy is definitely the best admin I've ever seen, not just on LSRP but honestly in a lot of RP communities all together. Incredibly nice, caring, fair, and level headed. Doesn't flaunt their power, always tries to deescalate and explain rules instead of just mercilessly slamming the hammer down on everyone. I imagine if everyone was like him, the world would be a much more pleasant place.
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