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June Update




Hello everyone,
Today we bring you an action packed update covering all floors of LS-RP, from the musky basements of development to the 24 carat gold-plated ivory towers of leadership. Our teams have been working tirelessly, and we have exciting progress to share from each area. A big thank you to everyone involved; your dedication is truly appreciated. Read on to find out more.


I’m happy to say we’ve made tremendous progress in work that was long overdue. We’ve significantly improved our gamemode’s stability, anti-cheat and ban evasion detection, so the in-game experience is much smoother now. This leaves us with a lot more time we can dedicate to feature development, which we’ve already begun to do. A small update will be released likely tomorrow to address some intermittent issues and changes as we work on feature development. We brought three new developers to help us this month, so a warm welcome to - Noble, KUnderwood and Koky. Which brings me to!

We’re teaming up with Koky’s Deathmatch

That’s right, we’re now working with Koky’s Deathmatch to establish an official LS-RP Deathmatch server. I’ll save the details for a separate announcement when the server relaunches for SA-MP, but we’re going to be including some of the features you know from LS-RP in the DM game mode, such as our damage system, skin models, maps and more - so you can let the frustration out and train your shooting skills without leaving 17 corpses behind in Idlewood. The DM server being interlinked with LS-RP’s database and systems, I’m super excited for this unique venture and I’m sure it’ll fill the void that’s in the space right now. Stay tuned as we update you with more information.  

Factions Team: (From Badhbh, Spectre, Kev, Spanion)

We’d like to start off our announcement by properly congratulating The Valenti Crime Family on their return to the server yet again as an official faction. One of our longest-running factions to date, who've held official status throughout the ages. Welcome back!

The month of May has been extremely busy as the team has had all hands on deck getting our Drug Schemes, Prison, and Weapon Schemes in order, and we are happy to announce that these schemes are once again open for applications. This includes both factions and solo roleplayers wishing to get involved in our Solo Schemes! The links to the scheme applications can be found here - Please pay attention to the tagged Illegal Faction Team member, as they are head of their respective schemes. Applications are now also open for the turf map, please click here to find out more. 

We have kept our ears to the ground and have been listening to concerns raised around deathmatch mentality and escalation of beef between factions. We, as FTC, want to assure the server that this is not the precedent we want to push for factions to view as normal to do. As we monitor what’s happening in-game, we will be rolling out changes to the Rules of Engagement to make the faction scene more enjoyable for everyone.

Finally, as always, if you'd like to make your voice heard, suggest changes or simply partake in formative discussions surrounding the server's illegal roleplay, please send an expression of interest to @Kev in order to join our public team.

Commerce & Estate: (From Superb)

In-game Auctions: In-game auctions have been a hit! We are now preparing to launch business auctions, allowing players to bid on a variety of businesses. Stay tuned for specific dates and details.

Apartment Complex System: We are setting up an apartment complex system, enabling players to own and manage apartment complexes in-game. This will add new dimensions to roleplay and economic interaction. More details coming soon.
Business Leasing Success: Our business leasing initiative has been a tremendous success, ensuring greater accessibility to businesses and ensuring that there are plenty of places open at any given time. 

Exclusive & Exotic Vehicles: We have also now started auctioning off exclusive and exotic vehicles for players to bid on and own!


Community Engagement Team: (From Roze) 

The Community Outreach team has been busy since we've launched. We are now posting regular content to our social media platforms, which have gained some decent traction. We are still looking for more video submissions to use on our social media, so if you have anything that you would like to submit, please send it to @ROZE


We are also in initial talks with the OpenMP team, to see what sort of opportunities they can offer us for exposure. The first thing we are trying to achieve is a spot on the partnerships tab.

Beyond this, we aim to market LS-RP within a variety of SAMP and GTA Roleplay forums

Mapping: (From Caledonite)

Since the re-opening of the SA-MP servers, I've been focusing on revamping the mapping team structure to address neglected areas. This process is taking some time. I'm thrilled by the interest in joining the mapping team. Applications have been forwarded for review, and you'll be notified of your status soon. Currently, there are no showcases due to the ongoing revamp and limited mappers. Once the revamp is complete, showcases will resume for both LS-RP and SA-MP. Here are the current plans:

  • Add new objects and textures to the furniture system.
  • Revamp the server map, reviving dead areas and removing outdated mapping.


  • Re-structure and prioritize pending projects.
  • Fix furniture objects that can't be spawned by default.
  • A survey will be sent out to gather player and staff feedback on mapping. Look for the announcement on Discord in #team-announcements.

We are still looking for new mappers! The application is open indefinitely, and you can apply to focus on SA-MP, LS-RP, or both. No portfolio? No problem. Apply, and I'll guide you through the process. Feel free to message me on the forum or Discord with any questions. I may not reply immediately, but your messages won't go unnoticed.

Suggestions & Improvements: (From Sal)

We're pleased to be updating our Suggestions process with efficiency, transparency, and player agency in mind. Your input is invaluable in helping us create a better experience for everyone. Here’s how the updated process works:

  1. Submit Your Suggestion: Post your suggestion in the designated forum with the appropriate tag in the title.
  2. Community Discussion: Engage with other community members to discuss and improve the suggestion.
  3. Staff Review: Our staff team will review suggestions regularly. Promising suggestions will be moved to the "Forwarded Suggestions" forum for more in-depth review.
  4. Decision Making: The Head of Project will decide whether suggestions move forward to the development pipeline. Operational changes will be forwarded to the relevant staff team.
  5. Feature Voting: Significant features will be put to a vote using the Feature Voting option on the User Control Panel (UCP).
  6. Roadmap Integration: Approved suggestions will be added to our development roadmap based on community votes and priorities.


  • We may need to modify suggestions to align with our technical capabilities, particularly given SA-MP's older codebase.
  • Operational changes will be implemented by the relevant staff team based on the forwarded suggestions.

We look forward to seeing your suggestions, so be sure to head on over to the forums and get your ideas in!

Staff Update (From Nature)

May has been a busy month for us! Team admin responded to 16,158 reports, and team tester responded to 23,187 help requests! A massive thank you for your patience as we tackled the large influx of requests in-game, on Discord, and the forums. 

Thank you to everyone for submitting your reinstatements. We've received over 70 since we re-launched our SA-MP server!


Congratulations to our newly promoted staff members ...



Lead Admin
Izumi (Assistant Head of Operations)

Senior Admin
Spectre - Caledonite - risen

Game Admin
leo - Xanakin - Este - axez - badhbh 
ScubaStef - Duco

Trainee Admin
celestine - Conor - Draxxler

Welcome back to our returning staff members ...


Game Admin

Amine - gus 

Junior Admin

Cashew - Joey - Shaikh - JesterJr (Mood)
Eren - Ace

Trainee Admin
luca. - Zaw

Senior Tester
matical - Eagle - LaMarcus_Boone 

Caleb410 - kaibr - Maxolino - Christian - PrOxyy
amity - RyanW - Hanky

Junior Tester
trewen - zeeksteezy - Connor_Don - BO. - Tadija - Consistency
Allik - Kelav_Kiro - rancor - ic3squid






This list is not final and subject to change. @accursed will reach out to Team Tester in the following days to begin your onboarding process. Team Admin will be contacted by @jack. Thank you to everyone who showed interest. If you were not selected during this cycle, we encourage you to try again next time.


So, to conclude, we're really pleased to see that so many are enjoying the SA-MP server and hopefully not just for nostalgic reasons; our goal here is to ensure that it remains a competitive and entertaining form of escapism that everyone genuinely enjoys playing.


Thank you for reading, and for your ongoing support, we're looking forward to another month of RP both on RageMP and SA-MP!

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