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SA-MP QOL Update 13.3.4




Hello everyone,


as promised, today we're releasing a 13.3.4 QOL update including some long requested changes. I'm once again asking you for your input in the discussion in our Suggestions board as we look for valid feature candidates.


We're also hosting a Q&A Community Meeting today at 8 PM server time. Drop by if you'd like to chat, you can submit your questions in advance through this sli.do link.




- Bats are restricted to level 5 and above (shouldn't be able to purchase, /takegun or /gg)
- Bat damage significantly nerfed
- Increased AFK limit to 30 minutes instead of 10
- Clothing items save on /acceptdeath for Premium Members
- Fixed BMX permissions not assigning to characters of Premium Members sometimes
- Fixed garbage job messages not showing
- Removed Premium Member restriction of /blockpm, /blockallpm 
- Removed restriction of /withdraw when savings are active


Happy playing!

  • CJ 4
  • Bigsmoke 2
  • Thumbs 2
  • OK 1
  • Strong 2
  • Love 17


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What a timing, I just withdraw all my savings just before read this update 😞

  • Ryder 3
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Bat nerfed? Level requirements? Pizzastacks/Idlewood your doom is here!

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