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Faction Complex Scheme




Hey all,


To give factions the ability to house their faction members in certain areas, the Faction Team has decided to allow factions to apply for faction complexes. These faction complexes will consist of a few apartments and will help with providing more environmental roleplay for the faction. Each faction has the ability to choose between getting 6 to 8 apartments for their complex.


In order to improve the housing market, the Faction Team is offering factions a possibility to establish themselves within certain areas by creating a faction complex. This will ensure that faction members are provided the necessary housing for them to do their roleplay.


For individuals, renting options will be available at launch; and a separate scheme will be announced for businesses.


How to determine how many apartments you can get?

The faction that is applying has to exist for a minimum of a week, and needs to consist of at least 12 core members. See below list to see how many members you need for the amount of apartments you can apply for in your complex.

  • 6 apartments: 12 members
  • 7 apartments: 14 members
  • 8 apartments: 16 members

A faction can apply for a maximum of 8 apartments.




By submitting an application, you agree to the rules surrounding the scheme, and accept potential removal from the scheme following any breach of the following agreements:

  • Name-changing in any form is not allowed and will result in removal. You have to notify the Head of Schemes before namechanging.
  • Administrative punishment (admin jail or ban), depending on severity and situation.
  • Abusing the furniture limits within the complex for your own benefit.
  • Poor roleplay surrounding the faction complexes.
  • Lying in the selection application.
  • Creating secret compartment/rooms or designing the interior in a way to give you a benefit during shootouts.
  • Faction owner rents the complex out to non-faction members.
  • Other faction team decision.
  • Faction is shut down.
  • Inactivity.




Before applying for the scheme, please ensure you meet the requirements. Not meeting the requirements will result in an instant denial.

  • You must be part of a faction.
  • You must be the leader of said faction.
  • You must have experience in/around illegal factions.
  • You must have a good standing in the community.
  • Your faction must have a minimum of 12 members.
  • Your faction thread must be up for a minimum of one week.




Send your application to the Head of Schemes @DDaniels

Message subject: [COMPLEX] Faction Name



In Game Name:  answer


Faction Name: answer

Faction Thread Link: answer

What type of organisation is your faction? (organised crime, street gang, drug trafficking organisation etc.)


Provide a list of your faction members (pre-launch applicants):

Forum name  (forum profile link) - In character name (can be left empty if not applicable)


How do you plan on using the complex?



How would your faction acquire the complex in character?



How many apartments are you applying for?



Screenshot of the entrance (exterior entrance)

screenshot here, mark the entrance door


Screenshot of the location (gta 5 map)

screenshot here, mark the complex' location


This article was prepared by the Faction Team.

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