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  1. Horgen

    Release Update

    Wish the best for you and your family Mmartin, stay strong.
  2. This locks the formal of this suggestion pretty much. The law should be focused on the high-stake games because they're IRL very regulated and there is not much wind in the manipulation frame with these card games. If segregation appends to an OOC approval of the FM to players who're capable of handling the high-stakes in the most realistic way, then yes, I absolutely agree. And ofcourse, this doesn't only apply to casinos that are going to be managed, but actual players who have the knowledge to organise high-end card games in private. Low-stake games should stay informal as of the FM approval terms and they're every-day based. There's not much going on with them and if the enhanced picture should go like this, then just maybe this whole picture might get into the enforceable frame.
  3. Good luck with this, you did a pretty rational introduction with what you want to do, but one thing that should be frequent is not to rush when talking like you're marathoning to finish your sentence. I guess that comes with experience. Best of luck!
  4. Horgen


    Getting closer to the premiere!
  5. Welcome back lad, have fun
  6. Befitting approach, prim writing. Good job.
  7. If I say ACAB will you arrest me officer Benavides
  8. Horgen

    Applications Open

    Here we go, a step closer to the opening.
  9. Great job with this one.
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