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  1. Dan Brown's "Origin" and Katherine Neville's "The Eight"
  2. Quicky

    March Release Update

    I really hope this is the last one. Watching players walk out by the day is extremely demotivating even for the rest of us who wish to stay and see the server launch.
  3. I can barely even hit the ball. I like the mode with the spikes and tornadoes cuz I can only score with those power ups
  4. Quicky

    dead smoke

    Good luck boss.
  5. That's some really good stuff man.
  6. Quicky

    Vespucci 13

    Take it far lads.
  7. Using the $5.000 I had left to buy a ticket and win a car at some casino. Then, winning another car the following day.
  8. Definitely following this one.
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