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May Community Update.

Dos Santos



Hey everyone,


With the amount of hype behind SA-MP we are going to be announcing our monthly community update with a rather large update with plans from each area. I would personally like to thank everybody participating in these teams and their hard-work is greatly appreciated. SA-MP is swiftly coming around the corner, with a lot of us testing the new features and it's coming on extremely well.


IFTC: (From Helius, Spanion & badhbh)


The Illegal Faction Team has been working hard on the upcoming release of SA-MP. We have a dedicated team supporting factions, and we'll be reconnecting with leadership from each of the six official factions returning:


  • Little Tokyo
  • The Bellantonio Crime Family

  • The Killeen Mob

  • Eastside Hustler Crip

  • Filthy Bastards Motorcycle Club


The factions mentioned above will also regain their turf within reason, allowing neighbouring factions planning to roleplay in the server some room to engage in roleplay. This means some official factions will have a reduced area outlined as their turf, which will be discussed with the official faction leaders. Additionally, official factions will have their old perks reset at launch, although they will still be able to retain up to three businesses. This is intended to incentivize faction members as they were initially accepted as official factions prior to the server launch. We hope members can seize this opportunity to engage more actively in showcasing their roleplay and development to earn their monthly faction incentives.


As for unofficial factions, please be aware that we still plan to have drug schemes available for you to assist in the overall growth of your faction through narcotics. We also have some property drug dens available for emerging factions to use as local hangout hubs, as it was before the server was closed. There is a set limit at the moment, with fixed locations, so this won't be accessible to everyone initially. However, we do plan to expand on this if we see roleplay and activity increase within these drug den properties. Weapon schemes for factions will also remain closed for the time being.


During the initial weeks of the server launch, solo schemes will remain closed. This decision aims to prevent an influx of guns and drugs, allowing factions to establish themselves before we open solo scheme applications which means we can't provide an exact time when we will be accepting applications again. Keep an eye out, you can see the status of applications here.


As per the launch of the server, our SAMP Rules of Engagement will be in effect from early access. This means there will be a two-week cooldown period before factions should consider escalating roleplay into shootouts and early wars at the launch of the server. The only activities allowed under the ROE are fist fighting and brawls, with a maximum of two melee weapons used by either faction during brawls. With this, we hope all the factions planning to re-enter LS-RP SA-MP’s illegal faction scene have that two-week period to re-develop characters, both old and new, with their members and other factions in the areas they plan to focus their roleplay around. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to develop small-scale conflicts with other players and sets before moving straight into wars involving firearms.



Events: (from Swenson)

We have been doing lots of events in the recent months and most of them have been successful.  During the launch of SA-MP we will be holding a big casino event the first day, and will be getting a lot of staff members to assist with the opening to allow a functioning business operational on launch in respects of a server-wide event.  Events team are always looking for new people, if you're interested. Contact Danielswe.



Commerce and Estate: (from Superb)


While this update is more focused on the SA-MP side as it's launch coming closer and closer but rest assured that the daily operations of the team for V are running smooth and we will always support business owners whenever needed. If you got an idea and would like to apply for a business or a company, please visit the following section: Company & Business Information - Los Santos Roleplay (ls-rp.com) 


Back to SA-MP side!

Business owners - This is good news to all business owners (Business leasing down the line), if you used to own a business on SA-MP and interested to run your business within the first week of launch, then please reach to the commerce & estate council by sending a PM to @CYBER , @Caledonite & @Superb and they will work closely with you to make sure you got all the resources and help needed to be able to open your business on launch week. Please put details in the PM related to do you need specifically, your business name, and any plans you may have. This is to ensure there are business openings and events running on daily basis by the players to the players. 


Business leasers - we can hear you out. Business leases will be opening prior to launch to allow enough time for the players who would like to lease businesses to prepare prior to the server launch. Further information about the topic will be announced once we are more aware of the supply and demand of the businesses scene as we wouldn't like to flood the server with more businesses than it's needs.


Business Auctions - We will be pushing business auctions after launch (roughly after two weeks from launch). Players interested to own their businesses and not interested to participate in leasing schemes, gear up! and be ready. The types of businesses will vary and depend on the needs of the server, however, there are going to be very interesting and exciting business types coming back, can you guess which ones? More details on this as we get closer to launch!


Last but not least, vehicle auctions - If you're a player who looks after unique cars, the team has heard you out and we will be pushing 6 unique vehicle auctions. The first 3 will be on day 1 of server launch for the whole community to participate in. These auctions will not be so frequent, so if you're looking for one of these cars, make sure to bid on it as soon as they come out because the next time will be months ahead from us. The three vehicles will be Super GT, Turismo and the infamous Infernus! This will be followed by another 3 types of vehicles; Sparrow, BF Injection and Hotknife!


Additionally, please don't hesitate to reach the team for any queries you may have. 


Community Engagement: Roze:

Community Engagement are working on promoting the server as much as possible, recently. Roze has taken over this area and already has plans to address the team, and help promote the server.

  • Reaching out to each team each week to get information for regular community updates.
  • Push social media content and awareness campaigns.
  • Finish the wikipedia and add feature documentation videos to show off the features we currently have.
  • LS-RP Splash Page.
  • SA-MP Modpack.
  • SA-MP Launch Trailer.




Mapping: (From Caledonite)


The mapping team has been working on getting projects structure organized and focused on the apartment complexes. As the progress goes on, there have been some movements happening in regards of getting some projects done, such as apartment complexes.


With that said, we’re showcasing the three projects that have been completed!


1. Department of Motor Vehicles (as done by @MAK0)



2. The Eclipse Towers Apartment Complex (done by @Mouse)



3. Ginger Street Flats Apartment Complex (done by @Caledonite)



We are still looking for any new mappers to join the team! The applying will be open indefinitely for now. If you have no previous portfolio, then do not worry – we offer an alternative way to showcase your mapping skills by letting you furnish a property as a test ground and random assignment. 



Legal: (From Imperium)


Legal Faction Management have been assisting our core legal factions with preparation for opening with SA-MP.


All legal factions will be opening their recruitment drives and all factions are currently accepting reinstatements for those interested in returning at this exciting milestone.


All legal factions have chosen to keep the current forums for both SA-MP and RageMP use. This has been decided by current leaderships as it's better logisitcally.


Being apart of legal factions means your held to a higher standard and have to abide by a different set of rules, that being the Legal Faction Rules. We'll be continuing to use the rules that were ported over to RageMP and we'll be using them on SAMP, they are largely the same but with some minor tweaks.


We've ported over SA-MPs legal Laws and Acts as that made the most sense, since it is already adjusted for that universe. You can check it out now by clicking the link below:



Thanks for reading,


Dos Santos.

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Just now, CodyMBM said:

Y'all helping mfs get their UCPs back? Forgot my pass😂😂

and my email associated with it  😂😂

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