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Annual Release Date Announcement




Hey everyone,


June 16th (2023)

is when we want to go live. Here's a summary from today's Community Meeting detailing how we'll get there. 


We're finishing the last bits of work and fixing what's remaining of our release-blocking bugs. Over the last week, we fixed 24 bugs and we've 2 blocking remaining, both of which are simple to fix, we just haven't gotten around to them with the amount of work yet.


The Communications Team ran a survey recently and among other things, it's clear that three things are of the utmost importance to the player base. Transparency & communication, character customization and a fair staff team & roleplay quality. We've done our best to hit these three points in the weeks and days leading up to the announcement. With establishment of the Communications Team, I'm happy to see positive feedback on the first point, Sal has done an amazing job so far bridging the gap that was forming between the leadership and the community. We've implemented some last minute, yet very important script changes to allow for further character customization as well; not limited to a more open-ended clothing system, more granular character customization, Menyoo imports and so on.


 The release timeline is as follows:

  • Finish remaining bugfixes and script work until 31st of May.
  • Code freeze 31st of May, or 1st of June, depends on how things go.
  • Jun 1st - Jun 6th, Production deployment and setting up the main server.
  • Jun 1st - Jun 6th, Along w/ prod setup; Fixing custom mods to comply with latest R* & RageMP policies.
  • Jun 7th, Pre-release & Production Testing. We'll open up the main server to Premium members and staff, to make sure everything is working as it should. Apply hotfixes as needed and finish setting up whatever is left over that needs completing.
  • Jun 16th, Release Date.


While some of these dates may change by a day or two, we're set to release on June 16th 2023. More information on the pre-release opening will come as we approach that date.


In the meantime, here's a quick update from our sub teams and what they're working on:


Sub-teams Updates
Aside from the Development and script situation, many of our sub-teams are actively working towards ensuring that the launch goes as smoothly as possible. These include: 

  • Modding Team: Still updating branded textures.
  • Mapping: New Head of Mapping assigned: Duco.
  • Legal Factions: Additions to FD roster.
  • Company Management: Awaiting launch.
  • Property Management: Rental properties being set up.
  • Player Support: Wiki population continues.
  • Faction Team: Contrabrand and Prison schemes approved.


Communications Update
We talked through some of the survey results and actions being taken as a result, including:

  • Communications Team established 
  • Menyoo importation added
  • Character customisation options added
  • Recruitment focuses prioritised for specific factions
  • Ensuring Visions for the server as a whole match with everyone's expectation
  • Speaking to Team leaders to feed back relevant findings from the survey
  • Continue surveying for overall sentiment


Feature Showcase & Demonstration
This week we gave community members an exclusive look at the Trucking system - we'll be uploading the video to our YouTube channel a bit later in the week. 


Once again I want to thank everyone for their patience and support. This is it baby, we're in the final stretch. 


See you IG soon,


on behalf of the LS-RP Team



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