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What's Been Going on in SA-MP LS-RP?




Premium members have had access to the SA-MP LS-RP server for a few days now, and I'm sure some of you have been wondering what exactly has been going on in the server so far, in this community update we will give an analysis of both the player and staff perspectives of how the pre-launch has gone so far!


The Player Perspective:

Our premium players have been active on the server, with a steady player base between 40-50 each day at peak hours. There has been activity at all hours of the day, and there has even been some business openings, including casinos and clubs, which have attracted plenty of players each time to make the businesses feel active. We also done a derby event which had a great turnout!


PD and SD have been actively patrolling the streets and responding to 911 calls, I personally got a point on my license this week, whilst some others have been in stand offs with swat teams. People have been selling drugs and guns, and there has been plenty of in game faction meetings and roleplay. FD has also been active, sending out those paramedics to anyone who needs them!


Civilian roleplayers have been active too, seen attending business openings and doing their daily trucker and mechanic runs. As well as posting their regular ads looking to buy/sell houses, businesses, and cars.


There are also a lot of old factions that are returning, two big names include Little Tokyo and Roux Enterprise, each with plenty of returning members. There are many more huge factions on top of this that have said they are looking to return, with a lot of dedicated members. From the company perspective, there are also many returning companies, and there has been a lot of interest in new business leases too.


Even with just premium members in the server there has been a lot of ongoing activity and the server has felt active, with plenty of motivation and roleplay from players, the server truly does feel just as it did when we played before, it's not just a hit of nostalgia!


The Staff Perspective:


The staff team has been pleased with the results of the SA-MP server so far, and our expectations with just the premium members alone have been more than satisfied! 


We have experienced staff members leading many important roles, which have all been active and working towards making the server run smoothly for the community.


Superb, who is the Head of Commerce and Estate team, has been organising properties and businesses to go to auction, as well as getting in contact with companies to see who is still active, in order to make space for new people. The Commerce and Estate team has also been setting up business leases in game and has had a a constant communication with companies and factions to ensure that their needs are met for launch.


Imperium has been leading the Legal Factions Team, ensuring that we have a strong and stable legal roleplay scene, and his work has paid off, as we're regularly seeing a good proportion of police online.


The illegal faction council has been working with factions to check who will be active, and is able to support factions again where needed.


The development team has been ensuring that the server is in the most stable state possible so that we can enjoy a smooth and crash-free official launch. 


To Conclude:

LS-RP on SA-MP is running great, and it feels just like it did before it closed. We've had a lot of fun roleplaying on SA-MP again and we're all really excited for the public launch in just a few days, on the 17th of May, which just so happens to also be our 17th year anniversary.



Hopefully this update has been insightful to what has been going on in game for the past few days, and with what we've experienced so far I am confident that LS-RP will be successful on SA-MP again.


Thank you, see you in game soon!

Community Engagement Team 

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i will say that i have been enjoying myself as a premium player, can't wait for everyone else to join us ❤️

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It's been fantastic so far, really looking forward to the 17th. Massive credits to the whole staff team who have been putting the hours in.

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