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Major Update 1.7

Hello and welcome to another Sunday, I hope you're all doing well. This major update features some stuff for everyone and unfortunately doesn't feature everything we wanted to do, but that's what minor updates are for, right?   Here's the changelog: - Added armoured car transports and robberies - Added business types that will buy certain expensive items for a cut (pawn shops) - Added the ability to clean cash that was stolen from an armoured car in certain pawn shops for a roughly

Major Update 1.1

Hello,   Today we're releasing our first Major Update 1.1. Let me share some thoughts on the features that are implemented, how the development process will change going forward, and what our immediate next plans are.   We've listened to your feedback on forums, Discord, game, and basically anywhere you were willing to share it. I now understand just how important customization and the access to roleplay opportunities is important to our community and the updates from here on

Major Update 1.2

Hello,   Today we're releasing Major Update 1.2! I will take you through the updates we've been testing for the past week since Major Update 1.1 and explain what's new.   Continuing on from the theme of player retention and acquisition, and listening to your feedback, we understand that the script can really be restrictive of what you're trying to do ingame. You can't be a part-time bartender, for example, if you're trucking in the rest of your time. In this update, we are in

Chop Shops & QOL Update

Hello again on this wonderful Sunday,   Today we're releasing an update to bring new features for illegal factions, more quality of life stuff for players and many bug fixes.   In this update we focused on mostly quality of life additions with one major new feature that affects the whole server. As you may have seen in #snippets on our Discord server, we have created an immersive way for certain players to interact with vehicles. Use of this feature will be limited to certain

Patch 1.3.1

Hello,   We're following up yesterday's 1.3 Feature Update with a patch to address some bugs and minor additions.   Perhaps most importantly, we're enabling the Vehicle Theft script for everyone to try. We understand that it may be discouraging to have a lot of the illegal features locked behind a scheme or an application, so we'll try a different approach when implementing new features for the illegal scene. We'll start by opening it up with an attempt to balance it to the b

Minor Update 1.3.2

Hello,   We're back with yet another long awaited feature. As I advised on yesterday's post, we're adding Roadblocks to the game. All the legal factions were asked to provide a list of roadblocks they'd like to use and we added them to the system. The feature is available for GOV, PD, SD, FD and the events team for the time being. We plan to make it available to companies where it makes sense as well, for example construction companies. Spike strips aren't a part of this update but it'

Spike Strips

Hello,   As promised, we're adding spike strips to the game today. They can be placed by any members of law enforcement with appropriate permissions and are collision-based, which means only the tire that actually goes over the spike strip will be popped. You can use /spikestrip (/ss) with an optional parameter to choose a model of spike strip you wish to use. There are currently 4 models available of varying sizes.   Additionally as a QOL update you can now press 1-9 keys wh

Minor Update 1.3.4

Hello,   We have been hard at work this week finding areas of the script that we have lacked attention in and have been making some general fixes and tweaks to better improve your experience. There is not much fanfare around this update as there is no specific feature - maybe the ability to tow vehicles using a flatbed!   The changelog for today's patch is:   - Added the ability to start a conversation in your phone by using a contact's name rather than their number -

Minor Update 1.3.5 — More fixes, more quality of life changes

Hello,   Just another quality of life update - we are still working on our upcoming features and will be releasing them within the next week, if all goes to plan! Without prattling on, here's the changelog:   - Added San Andreas State Prison mapping changes - Added Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation vehicles and uniforms - Added commands for legal factions to bandage other players - Added the ability for administrators to change native doors - Added logs for weapon li

Minor Update 1.3.6 — Weapon changes and the gun economy

Heyo kiddo, it's too early for me to be writing this (seriously who gets up before 9 am on a Sunday) but here I am!   Jumping straight into the script update, here's the changelog: - Added the ability to re-bind the Y to unfreeze button in /settings - Added a way for legal factions to toggle roadblock messages in /settings or via /togroadblock - Added /rb as a macro for /roadblock - Added better checks for /enter and /exit in a vehicle, so you should keep the passengers you used the

Major Update 1.4

Hello on this hot Thursday evening! We have here our second update this week with Major Update 1.4 which includes the long-awaited engine and fuel overhaul that everybody has been wanting ever since they found out spending $$ on the best engine just meant better fuel economy.   GiamPy has written a great highlight below so I won't touch too much on that, instead here is our changelog for today's update:   Changelog: - Added Faction Management Page in UCP - Added Government

Update 1.4 Hotfix 1

Good afternoon, this one's just a quick hotfix to address some issues discovered since the last update, so there won't be much to talk about on this one. I do have some previews later though!   - Fixes an issue where company owners would not load for doors and gates - Fixes an issue where companies could be awarded $∞ - Increases mechanic garage profit margin from 15% to 35% - Adds a way for the prison faction to see when prisoners log ingame and are released - Adds a command for players

Minor Update 1.4.1

Hello again from another update post! First off, some colours have changed! To better help you distinguish who is responsible for what, we have changed some of our staff rank colours. This will help players, and staff, figure out who to approach for their problem.   For example, management has been changed to orange (the colour of the R in the LSRP logo) to separate them from Lead Admins and Senior Lead Admins as the former generally does not perform basic administratrion like


ImperiumXVII in Development Updates

Minor Update 1.4.2

Another Sunday, another update. This one isn't exactly filled with features, but there are some pretty nice and noticeable changes for you to explore. I am also happy to report that we have ironed out the bugs found in our custom presets (such as /bareswitch removing the floor...) and are ready to push these custom interiors to our live server. And let me say - some of these are genuinely top quality work. I forgot I was in a custom mapped interior (yes, done with /furniture) in a few of the new


ImperiumXVII in Development Updates

Major Update 1.5

Hello, it's me, I was wondering if after all these weeks you'd like an update post?   First and foremost:  - Added vehicle mod shop to add spoilers, roll cages, etc. to your vehicle in a mechanic area - Added medical fees for using /acceptdeath if you are level 3+ - Added loadout options for government type factions - Added drug effects: cocaine reduces recoil and meth reduces incoming damage (more to come) - Added a cost for using /heal at a hospital - Added animations when using y

Minor Update 1.5.2

Good morning gang!! Not much filler to add to this one, just that we're working on some stuff... As you may have seen in #snippets, the prison overhaul is full steam ahead - the more specific details haven't been fully ironed out yet, but we're looking at effectively capping prison time to 4 hours/240 minutes (down from 15 hours/900 minutes) and bringing sentences up to be measured in hours and days. The way this will work is as follows:   You are arrested You get prisoned fo

Major Update 1.6

Good evening!! Dos Santos covered most things I wanted to cover in his November update, so I'll just drop the changelog here.   - Added graffiti - Added new prison/parole system - Added /co for company chat - Added BetaCoins for Darknet users - Added /togphone to turn phone on/off - Added GPS system (/gps, /savegps) - Added temperature to HUD - Added compass direction to HUD - Added government and civilian vehicles - Added mapping for courts - Added mapping for DA's office - Added mappin

Minor Updates 1.6.1 & 1.6.2

Hello my friends and happy diwali to those that observe it. This is just going to be a place to store the changelogs for 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 as they may have been missed on Discord in #changelogs!   Minor Update 1.6.1 - Added /shirt /undershirt /pants /facemask /gloves - Added gloves and names for all masks (not all gloves are named correctly yet) - Added more optimisations for graffiti and furniture rendering - Added incorrect spelling for colour (color, by Kane) - Fixed an issue where
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