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Minor Updates 1.6.1 & 1.6.2




Hello my friends and happy diwali to those that observe it. This is just going to be a place to store the changelogs for 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 as they may have been missed on Discord in #changelogs!


Minor Update 1.6.1

- Added /shirt /undershirt /pants /facemask /gloves
- Added gloves and names for all masks (not all gloves are named correctly yet)
- Added more optimisations for graffiti and furniture rendering
- Added incorrect spelling for colour (color, by Kane)
- Fixed an issue where you could not use capital letters in commands
- Fixed an issue with some government vehicles
- Changed legal code system on the MDC to allow for more codes


Minor Update 1.6.2

- Added permission for companies to use company chat
- Added ability to use /mic as a company member
- Added ability to use /setstation without an entertainment permit (illegally)
- Added health cap override effects to PCP and Lean (lean will give up to +40 health cap, PCP will give +20 in addition to the +30 from oxycodone and +15 from paracetamol)
- Fixed an issue with inventory space (1g drug is 100 items, as 1 drug item is 0.01g for example, hence no room)
- Fixed bugs with object selector
- Fixed vehicle modshop overwriting existing mods
- Fixed inventory being removed when released from prison
- Changed graffiti to always be loaded rather than load in when streamed in (reduces lag/crashes)
- Changed health cap reset from 2 hours to 1 hour


There's not much of an announcement to go with this, just wanted to keep you informed. The update will come within the next hour or so!

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