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Major Update 1.6




Good evening!! Dos Santos covered most things I wanted to cover in his November update, so I'll just drop the changelog here.


- Added graffiti
- Added new prison/parole system
- Added /co for company chat
- Added BetaCoins for Darknet users
- Added /togphone to turn phone on/off
- Added GPS system (/gps, /savegps)
- Added temperature to HUD
- Added compass direction to HUD
- Added government and civilian vehicles
- Added mapping for courts
- Added mapping for DA's office
- Added mapping for LSPD
- Added Go-Kart track on Vespucci Beach
- Added the ability to rebind the ALT key for interactions
- Added the ability for Testers to toggle name colour
- Added the ability to equip clothing items on duty 
- Fixed some animations looping that shouldn't
- Fixed some vehicles showing NULL as the name on the HUD
- Fixed vehicle/furniture inventories not loading
- Fixed not being able to remove mask in /clothes
- Fixed some interiors constantly raining
- Fixed melee damage 
- Fixed shotgun damage 
- Fixed not being able to transfer cash from a company account to your own account 
- Changed winter temperatures to be more mild and less extreme
- Changed the range of /shoutto


And a message from @java:



With the graffiti system being a complex system itself, it's also important to understand how it works. After acquiring a spray can by asking in /helpme, the second step is to equip it. The third step is to update your /graffiti config with the text, font, color, and scale size you want for your graffiti. When you hold ALT near a wall or any surface with collision that's available for spraying, you'll be prompted with a preview of your graffiti and a tooltip that instructs you to hold the LMB to spray your graffiti. However, make sure to hold the LMB while also holding ALT; it won't work if you release ALT and then hold LMB. Spraying over an existing graffiti you've created is much simpler, and you have the freedom to do it at any time. To make spraying work, you not only have to stand near the surface but also look at it; otherwise, you'll wonder why the opacity of your graffiti is not changing. Spraying over existing graffiti is also possible and quite simple because the system automatically locks your preview onto it, which means it's in tagging-over mode.



Spray can controls are simple: holding the LMB triggers spraying, and holding the RMB shakes your can when you run out of paint to make it more realistic. If you run out of paint while spraying, you'll be forced into the shaking state.


  • CJ 2
  • Ryder 1
  • Clap 1
  • Thumbs 1
  • OK 1
  • Strong 2
  • Love 15


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