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Minor Update 1.5.2




Good morning gang!! Not much filler to add to this one, just that we're working on some stuff... As you may have seen in #snippets, the prison overhaul is full steam ahead - the more specific details haven't been fully ironed out yet, but we're looking at effectively capping prison time to 4 hours/240 minutes (down from 15 hours/900 minutes) and bringing sentences up to be measured in hours and days. The way this will work is as follows:


  • You are arrested
  • You get prisoned for 72 hours for kidnapping, with parole available after 90 minutes
  • You must stay in-game and in prison for 90 minutes, then you are eligible to do /paroleme
  • You will be released, but if you do /time you will see that you are still serving your sentence for the full 72 hours
  • You must remain on good behaviour for the whole 72 hours - if you die, you will respawn in prison. If you are arrested, you will go back to prison
  • DCR parole officers will be watching you as well for these 72 hours - if you commit a crime, you will go back to prison
  • If you are remanded back into prison for violating parole, you will lose the ability to /paroleme again, meaning you need to negotiate a second parole term with DCR staff. They may say no and force you to serve the entire sentence depending on what caused you to be remanded back in custody again
  • You do not have to use /paroleme or /releaseme when your time is up - you can stay in prison indefinitely


The other major update on the horizon is the long-awaited graffiti script. Yes, it has taken ages, that's my fault entirely. I did the backend part of it and lost all my ideas on how to do the player-facing side of it, so @java took that on and the snippet he shared in the staff chat already looks amazing.


These are the fonts available to use for graffiti:



If you want to see any more, feel free to send me links to the fonts!


And on the UCP, we've now enabled chatlog sharing:




You can choose to share with every admin, or a specific admin by using @username (e.g. @ImperiumXVII)


Anyway, here's the changelog for this update:

- Added the ability for players to share chatlogs on the UCP to use as supporting evidence in reports
- Added character count in the text bar when typing
- Added over 100 construction objects for government public works
- Added blacklist to disable specific vehicle mods (like landmines)
- Added /lowto and /shoutto
- Added a way for admins to open/close businesses without needing a business owner online
- Added interiors defaulting to sunny weather to avoid rain clipping
- Added the ability to /localweather to rain if it is also raining in the real world
- Added inventories to company and faction vehicles
- Added 13 nicotine vapes
- Added 7 new drugs
  - Lean
  - Peyote
  - PCP
  - Ketamine
  - Ecstasy (MDMA)
  - LSD
  - Nitrous Oxide (balloons)
- Fixes to vehicle modshop
- Fixed /pm colour being wrong for admins on duty
- Fixed /v tow working on impounded cars
- Fixed /setvolume not working in houses
- Changed /chat to /sayto


  • CJ 2
  • Ryder 1
  • Clap 5
  • Thumbs 2
  • Strong 2
  • Love 10


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  • Head of Game Development
23 minutes ago, Natasha Valentine said:

Looking great, thank you Kane & Java and other admins! 🥰


this is the second time i've been excluded...

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9 minutes ago, ImperiumXVII said:


this is the second time i've been excluded...

time stop step ur game up then

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On 10/27/2023 at 12:01 PM, kosowarner said:

Guys, someone add the damn ability to mod a motorcycle. It's taking so long man why are we being left out like this?



wheres the love for the bikers :<

Edited by ThePolterguise
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