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February Community Update - Ongoing devs, Events roundup, Marketing update, catchup with Mapping team & More!

Greetings LS-RP'rs,   Here's a summary of our February adventure but more importantly information on what lies ahead. So, let's get started with what everybody's been eagerly waiting for - the dev update!   DEV UPDATE  We're currently in the final phase of testing for LS-RP v1.9 and on the brink of LS-RP v2.0. Although there is no launch date yet, we anticipate it happening very soon! Version 1.9 is an ambitious undertaking where we're implementing several highly requ


Deceive in Community Updates

January 2024 Staff & Development Update

Hey everyone, welcome to our January Update.   There isn't much to report on this update, but to remind you all that we are continuously working towards our 1.9 update and our 2.0 update. These are updates you can read about on our roadmap.   And welcome to our new Junior Testers: MAKO - livid - CChef Duckling - Kaos   Development Update   You may have seen recently that #git is looking a little sorry - rest assured we are still working on a co

Minor Update 1.8.3 (+ 1.8.1, 1.8.2), Development Roadmap

Hello,   Today we're releasing our sixth version of the year - 1.8.3 - and it's still only January! I realized we haven't posted the last few changelogs here on forums so I'll use this post to update you on those as well. We'll talk briefly about some of the highlights of 1.8.3 and the Development Roadmap we put together early on in the month. Some of these have previously been announced on Discord's #announcements, #game-changelog and #snippets, so it may not all be news to you but fo


Mmartin in General

LS-RP January Community Update - 1.8.0 Major Feature Deployment

Hi everyone, As we progress towards the highly anticipated new year the LSRP Leadership team has been diligently working to refine and enhance our server operations. In our pursuit of efficiency and improved user experience, we've decided to combine certain sub-teams where their functions naturally intersect.   Staff Update Congratulations to our newly promoted staff members that was promoted throughout December.   Junior Admin -> Game Admin Izumi bobster

Illegal Faction Team Update

Hey LSRP Community,   I feel like recently there has been some sort of confusion on certain information regarding illegal factions, and many other stuff as well. Just focusing on the illegal side today, I would like to update everyone on what we have available, and what we will have available.   First of all, Faction Team has changed their name to Illegal Faction Team, and keeping all sub-teams consistent with the name. There was some confusion on what the Faction Team did, s


Mitcholodolo in General

December Community Update

Hello all, As we bid farewell to a great November, filled with incredible updates, it's time to dive into festive season, welcome to December's Update! We will be going over a multitude of topics, from development highlights to IFM enhancements, Companies' updates, and the latest from our Events Staff. There's a lot in store.   Modding Team The modding team is working to bring more mods to he server, whether it's clothes, vehicles, or anything else from a modding perspective. If

Major Update 1.7

Hello and welcome to another Sunday, I hope you're all doing well. This major update features some stuff for everyone and unfortunately doesn't feature everything we wanted to do, but that's what minor updates are for, right?   Here's the changelog: - Added armoured car transports and robberies - Added business types that will buy certain expensive items for a cut (pawn shops) - Added the ability to clean cash that was stolen from an armoured car in certain pawn shops for a roughly

November Upcoming Events, Recap, Survey & More

Hello LS-RP! Winter is coming and so are the events!   While we admit we're fashionably late with the November event rundown, it's only because we've already dived headfirst into the month with not just one, but two incredible community events – the  celebration of Day of the Dead and the heartfelt tribute for Veterans Day. If you weren't able to join us, we extend our sincere apologies for not keeping you in the loop. Nonetheless, don't worry! We're determined to ensure that you're


wdmcnr in Community Updates

Community Meeting: 4th June

Hey y'all, It's time for another update from our Community Meeting - thanks to everyone who came along to attend earlier this evening.   Although it was slightly shorter than usual it did give us a chance to chat through a few more community questions than we usually would. For those of you who missed it, here are the basics: Development Update There are no more critical bugs nor release-blocking bugs remaining We have entered 'code freeze' stage and are beg


Sal in Community Updates


Hello,   The game server is now open for pre-release. You can join server.ls-rp.com if you have an accepted character, and active Premium Membership. If you're an early supporter, you're now able to redeem your credits at https://ucp.ls-rp.com/ and activate Premium Membership.   The goal of the pre-release is to test the game mode in production before the gates open during the full release. We're happy to invite you in game, however bear in mind that you may encounter a few b

Community Meeting: 11th June

Hey everyone, another big community meeting update for you all.   We covered a hell of a lot this week but mainly Q+As from players - if you didn't get your question answered be sure to come along to next week's meeting. In the meantime here's a rundown of what we went over this week:   Sub-team Activities - The Modding Team has been working primarily on animations this week, but the overall plan is to have many more hairs/clothes available after launch. - The Mappi


Sal in Community Updates


Hey all,   Hope you're ready for a trip down memory lane because as of now, our legacy forums are available to be viewed again. They've been transformed into a read-only mode, you won't be able to make, or edit any posts or send messages. So head on to check out the history of LS-RP and grab whatever you were missing over the years.   We've also made a thread in General Discussion to share cool finds.   Please note that the forums come with zero warranty or support.


Mmartin in Community Updates

Economy Update

Hey all,   The server's economy is very important to us. You know this because we've been talking about "trying to get it right" for a while now. This article should give you a brief overview of the system we will have in place, and some changes being made today.   Our goals with the server economy are: - In-game prices should reflect real life prices - People should not get rich quick - Grinding shouldn't give players major advantage - Money is a tool to


Mmartin in Community Updates

Server Release

Hello,   The server has been released. The IP is server.ls-rp.com:22005   I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen. The development team for creating an incredible piece of software, and our entire staff team for thousands of hours of testing and valuable input. It's great to see so many experts and generally passionate people come together to make something out of pure drive to do the best they can. I also want to thank our community for the continuous support th


Mmartin in Community Updates

Community Meeting: 18th June

Couldn't make the recent community meeting? Fret not, the notes are below:   Launch Status We successfully launched the server on Friday 16th June. Read the full announcement here.  We're very pleased to have had so many players join us on our first day, thank you to everyone who came in-game to try everything out over the weekend! Despite connection issues, the server has been handling it well and all major issues that occurred were handled promptly. We're just w


Sal in Community Updates

Stability & Updates!

Hello,   I'm happy to say that after a rocky first few days, our game server is now stable. If you were facing connection issues before, you should be able to log in game now. If you experience crashes after loading the game, this may be due to your mods or other issues we haven't properly diagnosed yet that affect a very small % of the playerbase. For the majority however, you're good to go in-game! If you're unsure how to, check out our How To Play step by step tutorial.  


Mmartin in Community Updates

Referral Program

Hello,   I'm happy to announce starting today we're introducing a Referral Program.   The LS-RP Referral Program allows you to earn Credits by inviting your friends to play Los Santos Roleplay. After signing up to the program, a unique link will be generated for you. You will receive credits for any player who clicks your link and starts playing LS-RP. You'll be able to use the Credits to redeem any items from the Premium Store.   When a player invited by you spends


Mmartin in Community Updates

Happy Los Santos Day!

Thank you to everyone who came along to celebrate 'Los Santos Day 2023' with us earlier this evening - we hope you had a good time! For those who missed it, we took over Sisyphus Theater for a night of singing, speeches, music and fireworks. Kicking off festivities was Allegra Nixon singing the anthem of Los Santos:       Following this patriotic tribute to our great city, Mayor Timothy Knight gave a speech. Here's a short excerpt from it:   "Today


Sal in Community Updates

More Ways to Make Money on LS-RP

If you’re looking to make money on LS-RP and are wondering how to do so, remember there are many ways besides the traditional routes of trucking, lawn mowing and fishing.    There are various schemes in place which aim to promote and reward anyone who provides roleplay to the server; whether legal or illegal. This isn’t Euro Truck Simulator after all - it’s a roleplay server!    Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available to you right now, broken down into ill


Sal in Community Updates

July 2023 Staff Update

Hello!   Welcome to the July 2023 Staff Update.   Tester Applications - Tester application period will be closing Saturday, the 1st of July. If you're interested, please apply before the application period ends! Our review period will begin the next day on Sunday and we anticipate publishing the results later that same week.   Major Update  - Our first Major Update, 1.1, is in progress, based on the feedback we've received. These updates will include some much reque


Kane in Community Updates

July 2023 Tester Update

Hello!   We've just concluded our 2023-07 Tester Application cycle. Thank you to everyone who participated. In the 7 short days the cycle ran, we received and reviewed 98 applications and 24 were selected. To those who applied and weren't selected, thank you for your interest and effort. I don't have an estimate on the next cycle but if you remain interested then, please do re-apply!   Without furtherado, congratulations to:   Brasi - Caledonite - Cheech - Chester C


Kane in Community Updates

Major Update 1.1

Hello,   Today we're releasing our first Major Update 1.1. Let me share some thoughts on the features that are implemented, how the development process will change going forward, and what our immediate next plans are.   We've listened to your feedback on forums, Discord, game, and basically anywhere you were willing to share it. I now understand just how important customization and the access to roleplay opportunities is important to our community and the updates from here on

Major Update 1.2

Hello,   Today we're releasing Major Update 1.2! I will take you through the updates we've been testing for the past week since Major Update 1.1 and explain what's new.   Continuing on from the theme of player retention and acquisition, and listening to your feedback, we understand that the script can really be restrictive of what you're trying to do ingame. You can't be a part-time bartender, for example, if you're trucking in the rest of your time. In this update, we are in

Chop Shops & QOL Update

Hello again on this wonderful Sunday,   Today we're releasing an update to bring new features for illegal factions, more quality of life stuff for players and many bug fixes.   In this update we focused on mostly quality of life additions with one major new feature that affects the whole server. As you may have seen in #snippets on our Discord server, we have created an immersive way for certain players to interact with vehicles. Use of this feature will be limited to certain

Patch 1.3.1

Hello,   We're following up yesterday's 1.3 Feature Update with a patch to address some bugs and minor additions.   Perhaps most importantly, we're enabling the Vehicle Theft script for everyone to try. We understand that it may be discouraging to have a lot of the illegal features locked behind a scheme or an application, so we'll try a different approach when implementing new features for the illegal scene. We'll start by opening it up with an attempt to balance it to the b
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