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    May 2024 Staff Update

    Congrats to everyone!
  2. CChef


    You've been flopped.
  3. CChef


    hello mr livid
  4. CChef


  5. Spiders make me crazy.
  6. Hell yeah, born to eat, forced to sh*t
  7. The Return! Welcome back champ.
  8. Academy is literally NPC'd, and FTPs can take max a month, you can get it done in a week or two if you are consistent and really want to advance quickly, but I don't recommend that. It may differ from one faction to the other.
  9. Look, with all due respect, I think you're just implying that the server is bound to die. If you really want it LSRP to grow? Then suggest something that will HELP the server, talk to your friends and ask them to join LSRP, get your friends friends to join LSRP too. The staff and devs are putting in the work they could for the server to succeed. Some people don't want to migrate to a newer server because of the assets they hold in other servers, some of them just don't want to because the server doesn't have some script. There is a roadmap that you can look into and it gets updated with newer features, new mods.. etc. The devs are putting in the work to develop features and scripts for the server and it has been weeks, they are still working on it and the #git channel in the LSRP discord shows new commits everyday, it's very motivating to know that everyone is still working on the project during their free time. The legal and illegal faction, company teams are providing schemes and are actively trying to get people to roleplay and give factions whatever they need for them to be active. And I am sure that there is more work that is getting done from what we know and is being planned. Finally, let's just spread the good word and get people to engage together in-game. There is a lot of opportunities for roleplay, devs are doing good work, staff are being looked after and teams are contributing for the server's growth. I apologise if I offended anyone, I am just being blunt and direct.
  10. SPIDERS?! 🏃‍♂️💨
  11. Hi. I'm CommanderChef, aka Floppa himself, #JoinFD 🚨, been a member of LSRP since 2018 (big noob). Luv me floppa Luv me FD Luv me LSRP 'ate spiders Simple as 🦘 🇦🇺 👍 -
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