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  1. I can't wait to arrest all of you evil-doers.
  2. You've got a smart girlfriend! The quiz isn't designed to fail you, nor is it designed to trick you. While this is feedback that we appreciate, we do not share the same concerns for the quality of those getting into the server, and we have a strong and capable staff team to handle these issues as they arise. The background stories are read and reconciled by Staff manually. If you've passed the test and are approved in your character background story, we can't wait to see you in-game :).
  3. Drew

    First Staff Update of 2022

    MY BOY @zapper OOOOH BABY
  4. Drew


    LMFAO. Whats up bruh glad u coming back.
  5. Drew


    see you on the forums kid
  6. As already mentioned above and in the FAQ, previous bans will not carry over. Welcome back!
  7. Drew


    hey im drew I joined lsrp around 2012 and played off and on since. I am a self taught developer (drewdevelops.com) and my hobbies include taking the constant W with my kings clapper certified
  8. Drew


    also how did this thread get so dead, revive this shi boys
  9. Drew


    whole squad here already, what up baby
  10. Ahh I was wondering if that was Mr. Jonathan @King himself. The Outfit was the first faction I joined on lsrp in 2012-2013 or so with @StateSheriff. Also shoutout to our old homie Garth, I still got him on IG lol.
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