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  1. Do permabans for attitude get carried over into the next platform? lol, no, I'm not here to break balls. Just stopping in and being granted a second to come at least see what's going on here, I gotta say, I'm genuinely happy to see the upgrade. I hope we learned a lot from the samp days and I hope that this run works wonders for all the roleplayers here. While I'm not much of an LSRPer anymore after all these years, I'm still the same roleplayer. LSRP was a place I went to for peace, to enjoy my friends who share a common interest with me. I still talk to a lot of people from this community, some have become my friends in real life. This community was always a place for fun, to me. I know through context it probably seems like a troll but I'm serious. I've had very good times on LSRP despite some of the sour history. I hope LSRP this time around is a place where people can encourage each other to build creatively, get along, develop characters the way they should be developed, and I hope that the players and staff have a fruitful relationship for another 10 years. Be roleplayers. Don't get caught up in what other people are doing or saying out of character if it doesn't affect the roleplay. Don't let forum reports become a part of the game. Enjoy yourselves, create and develop characters. Leave your grievances at the door and remember that this is a getaway for each and every one of you. A while ago in the samp days, I mentioned (on my way out) how LSRP created a monster they'll never get rid of. A lot of people thought I was talking about me or my faction, I can't front, conceit was definitely one of my stronger feats once they handed me the torch. But I wasn't talking about me. I was talking about how when roleplay gets put to a halt, the purpose of developing a character for all those years gets wained down, and then people wonder why faction leaders are always a pain in the ass when it's time to go. I'm not here to school nobody or act like the guy who knows everything. I've already admitted that LSRP gave me some good years. They've gave me some bad ones too. I'm really not a conceited person, I gave people I didn't even know so much of my time in this community, but when I get trolled, I troll back harder thats all. I'm definitely "one of those players" you hear about in these communities. Nevermind the past. I just came here to say good luck. I really hope that LSRP has grown, has learned, and has something in store for everybody that they've wanted all along. A server that loves development. A staff that respects what their players create, and a playerbase that respects all the time the staff puts in to make sure their experience is great. I'm keeping it nice and short today, we all know I can paint this whole thread with text. I hope everyone's good. Grudges die. Roleplay goes on. Good luck. I mean it with love. - Your favorite douchebag
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