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  1. Hey all, We've been hard at work this past week and I'd like to show you some of the progress we've made. From the development perspective, we brainstormed and created one of the core features for our RageMP gamemode - the Inventory System. All items (with a couple exceptions) will be in one centralized inventory instead of having your character's belongings scattered across different systems and commands. You'll be able to access your weapons, drugs, accessories and more in a simple, user-friendly UI. In-fact, instead of reading about it, have a look at the preview we made. Factions During the last week we also held a few staff-wide sessions to discuss the shape of both legal and illegal factions on the server. We went over a lot, so I'll only go over the few most important points: We will start the server with the following legal factions: Police Department, Sheriff's Department, Fire Department, DOJ (courts), GOV (city & state). PD and SD will have a lot of shared responsibility, with the prison and rescue tasks falling under SD's jurisdiction. We will have the same structure for LSGOV boards as we did on SA-MP. We acknowledged some issues the previous lsgov forums were facing and found ways to address them. We will use a phpbb theme which is regularly updated and maintained, so we can easily upgrade our phpbb version as they get released. Faction leaders will be able to upload custom content for ranks, avatars and such themselves. Two factor verification will be enforced on users with sensitive access. Reinstatements into legal factions will open on the day of server's launch. Factions have a deadline of 14 days after the server's launch to open recruitment. The Legal Faction Council will consist of the Head of Legal Factions (IC Governor) and the Leadership. HOLF will serve as a liaison between Legal Faction Leaders and the Leadership. For the illegal side, we mainly focused on figuring out the flow of weapons on the server. We went over everything from how the weapons get into the server to the hands of suppliers all the way to the end user. We came up with a system where a Supplier will be able to fill out a OOC form with a list of weapons they want to buy, and pay for them with IC cash and OOC points. Supplier can either be a faction, or an individual. Official factions will have the best rates and most points to spend on weapons. Unofficial factions and individuals will be more limited. This is designed to encourage building relationships with larger suppliers if you want cheaper weapons, but doesn't restrict you if you aren't on good terms with anyone. We also try to get rid of the need of OOC connections to acquire weapons. Legal weapons will be harder to acquire and hard limits will be put in place to avoid stockpiling and sale of legal weapons. Simple forensics will be available for the police to investigate crimes. Players won't be able to park their cars if there's too many weapons in them. This is done to get rid of the stash car meta. I'll make sure to post more information once the weapon system is actually created, as some things are still subject to change. These systems are designed by dozens of people with years of experience in all aspects of roleplay and we actively try to get ideas from people of different backgrounds. Release Date At this stage we're unable to fulfill our original self imposed deadline for release of "Summer 2021". This is due to a series of reasons, but they all boil down to the fact that we don't want to release something we feel wouldn't have the standards we're trying to achieve. We're working hard to deliver a server which shake the RageMP scene to the core, and we can only do that with a rock-solid foundation. That being said, we're currently aiming to release in Q4 of 2021. Unless we encounter major roadblocks, we should all see each other in-game this year. Registrations We're getting our new community suite ready so you can join as soon as possible. We've had many messages from you about creating faction threads early, reserving your names, etcetera. We hear you and we'll open the registration on the following dates: 15th of September for our supporters on Patreon (thank you!) 1st of October for everyone I hope this update gave you some clarity regarding what we're working on right now. Improving communication with our player base is something we're continuously trying to improve - I'll try to do these updates at least once a week to keep you all in the loop. In the mean time, if you'd like teasers while they're still hot, make sure you join our Discord server. We're posting stuff that's work-in-progress in #snippets now and then. Thanks for reading, Martin
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  2. Hey all, As another week went by we're back to give you an update on what we've been up to. The week was very productive in terms of infrastructure setup, but we've also got some visual things to show so let's get into it. Community Last Wednesday we opened our community forums to all of our Patreon supporters. We're slowly getting the forum, and the entire community suite into a state where we feel happy inviting everyone soon (October 1st) - it looks better every day. Out of nowhere, our Discord actually reached Level 3 boost thanks to your support, which is just great to see. We've also recruited a few new members into our Faction, Modding and Mapping teams; this puts us into a position where we now have an expert for every area of the server that we could think of. Overall the activity's been amazing and I'm very thrilled to see all of us working towards a common goal. Development Although the main focus of this week's game mode development was bug fixing, small features and improvements as we take a deep breath before diving into yet another advanced feature after Inventory, there's still some progress to show as far as new features go. We've had the idea of an In Character internet for a while and the prototype's been done for months now, but we pretty much finished the feature this week. Our goal is to have an enclosed, In Character internet which integrates into many of our script features. Not only that, but companies, factions, businesses or even individuals will be able to create a website to reach their audience better. See for yourself: On the other front of Development, the Modding Team has been working hard to create and collect mods to use on the server. The main focus this week have been liveries for IC agencies and assets for a wide spectrum of players (leo, illegal, prison). A discussion has been started in the Mapping Team, in collaboration with the SD and Faction Team as to how we want to make the prison work. Factions The Faction Team Council has agreed upon and presented a schedule for the Faction Team to work through over the course of the next 4 weeks, this consists of: Rules of Engagement & Faction Reports Distribution Schemes & Turf Map Official Illegal Factions & Illegal Systems Faction Properties & Leasing The team is currently focusing on week 1 and has started reviewing the current Rules of Engagement, as well as the way Faction Reports are handled. With the Rules of Engagement being LS-RP's core function for the Illegal Roleplaying scene, members within the faction team are consulting and editing what they deem would fit LS-RP's GTA:V server. At the end of each week, the Faction Team will be holding a meeting to provide a general overview and agree on what should be implemented. You can expect a more detailed post after conclusions have been made. Legal Faction Boards We successfully set up all legal factions with their new forums. The structure isn't all that different from what we've had previously on lsgov, but before setting them up we polled all legal faction leaders to see what challenges they faced with the previous setup, so we can improve in these areas. We've taken steps to make sure the new forums can be easily maintained, the software is always up-to-date and faction leaders have access to uploading custom content (ranks/images) without the assistance of a Developer. I hope this post gives you some insight on what's currently going on. We've some exciting projects in our sights for the next week, so don't forget to check back as we announce these. If you aren't a member of our Discord, come chat with us and check out cool snippets before they hit the website or YouTube. https://discord.gg/ls-rp Kind regards, Mmartin on behalf the LS-RP Staff
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  5. Russian mafia's world wide grip BY LSTIMES.COM STAFF LSTIMES.COM STAFF AUGUST 31, 2021 / 6:08 PM / LSTIMES When most people think of organized crime, LST News Correspondent Bill Lowstein reports, it calls to mind images of The Godfather or The Sopranos—in other words, the Italian Mafia. The reason for the Russian Mafia's dominance, says Lowstein, is that they ''have something no crime group in the world has. They have their own state to work from, in fact, a former superpower.'' Currently, Russian mobsters are operating in 50 countries. Lowstein says Russian organized crime emerged here during the 1970s era of detente with the former Soviet Union. Under pressure from the Nixon administration, Moscow agreed to allow more Soviet Jews to emigrate. But in a move copied years later by Fidel Castro, the Soviets opened prison doors in the gulag and thousands of hard-core criminals left for the United States. Since then, the Russian Mafia has been linked to penny stock manipulation, gas excise tax scams, health care fraud and cybercrime--criminal enterprises where they are pioneers, not just perpetrators. But law enforcement officials say the Russians are particularly good at money laundering, the lifeblood of organized crime. In fact, other crime groups use the Russians to clean their dirty money. From the Valentine's Day Massacre to Murder, Inc, organized crime in America already has a blood history. But Lowstein says the Russians are even more ruthless then the mobsters who preceded them. ''Italian organized crime has an unwritten rule that they don't go after cops. They don't go after prosecutors. They don't go after American journalists.'' the author says. ''The Russians go after everybody. One retired cop in New York told me, 'They'll shoot you just to see if their gun works.'' Like the Italians and Russians, many immigrant groups became involved in organized crime when they first came to America, Irish, Jewish, Chinese and Albanian are just a few. Lowstein warns that the Russian Mafia is ready to ender the next stage of criminal development. ''What the Italians were able to do was to get into labor unions, to get into legitimate industries to use their money to corrupt major politicians, cops, prosecutors—sometimes even fix political races.'' he explains. That Russians organized crime has spawned such a complex service economy says much about its scale, sophistication and stability. In the process, the old vary are dying out, at least in their own terms. Once, if you wore a criminal tattoo to which they felt you were not entitled, you ran the risk of having that patch of skin forcibly removed with a knife - if you were lucky. Now, no one cares: you just pay to get inked. Crime was once something that defined people, that set them off from the rest of society. Now, it is just another route to power and prosperity within that society, and the customs that were there to keep the vor subculture separate and distinct no longer have meaning or value. A vor I once spoke to bitterly complained that ''we have been infected by the rest of you and we are dying'', but the infection has passed both ways. Many of the organizing and operating principles of modern Russia follow the lead of the underworld. Maybe it is not that the vary have disappeared so much as that everyone is now a vor, and that the vorovskoi mir - the world of the thieves - ultimately won... Eurasian Transnational Organized Crime Groups Eurasian TOC groups are politically and financially motivated organized crime groups influenced by, associated with, or originating from the former Soviet Union or Central Europe. These criminal groups continue to thrive outside their borders in numerous countries around the world, including the United States. It is estimated that Eurasian TOC groups have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in losses to U.S. businesses, investors, and taxpayers. Evidence and studies suggest Eurasian TOC groups no longer conform to the typical hierarchal structure of traditional organized crime groups, but instead are divided into supporting networks, or cells, each having a different function or responsibility while sharing a common overarching goal. This framework allows cells to operate independently, limiting their contact with members of the entire organization, thus protecting high level organized crime figures. Eurasian TOC groups often engage in a myriad of criminal activity including healthcare fraud, securities and investment fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, extortion, auto theft, interstate transportation of stolen property, robbery, attempted murder, and murder. The roots of Eurasian organized crime in the United States lie with the Vory V Zakone, or “thieves in law.” These are career criminals who banded together for support and profit in the Soviet prison system. During the Soviet period, their leaders, or “shop managers,” were illicitly paid a 30 percent margin to acquire scarce consumer goods and divert raw materials and finished goods from production lines for the benefit of Nomenklatura, or the educated elite, and criminals. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, members allied themselves with corrupt public officials to acquire the control of industries and resources that were being privatized. This gave the syndicate a one-time infusion of wealth and supplied the infrastructure for continuing cash flows and opportunities to launder criminal proceeds. In February 1993, Boris Yeltsin, the first elected president of the Federation of Russian States, said, “Organized crime has become the No. 1 threat to Russia’s strategic interests and to national security...Corrupted structures on the highest level have no interest in reform.” Organized crime members first emerged in the West in the 1970s when Soviet Refuseniks were allowed to emigrate to Europe, Israel, and the United States. Among the Refuseniks were criminals who sought to exploit their new-found freedoms. These criminals helped the major criminal groups expand to the West when the Soviet Union collapsed and the people of the region were able to move about freely. These groups based in the former Soviet Union have also defrauded newly formed governments of billions of dollars, as industries and resources formerly owned by the government have been privatized. They profit through tax-evasion schemes and using corrupt officials to embezzle government funds. Their activity threatens to destabilize the emerging political institutions and economies of the former Soviet Union, where nuclear weapons remain deployed. The potential political and national security implications of this destabilization cannot be ignored. © FBI.GOV/ORGANIZEDCRIME FBI FBI.GOV EURASIAN CRIME
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