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Inventory, Legal Factions, Release Date




Hey all,


We've been hard at work this past week and I'd like to show you some of the progress we've made. From the development perspective, we brainstormed and created one of the core features for our RageMP gamemode - the Inventory System. All items (with a couple exceptions) will be in one centralized inventory instead of having your character's belongings scattered across different systems and commands. You'll be able to access your weapons, drugs, accessories and more in a simple, user-friendly UI. In-fact, instead of reading about it, have a look at the preview we made.




During the last week we also held a few staff-wide sessions to discuss the shape of both legal and illegal factions on the server. We went over a lot, so I'll only go over the few most important points:

  • We will start the server with the following legal factions: Police Department, Sheriff's Department, Fire Department, DOJ (courts), GOV (city & state).
  • PD and SD will have a lot of shared responsibility, with the prison and rescue tasks falling under SD's jurisdiction.
  • We will have the same structure for LSGOV boards as we did on SA-MP. We acknowledged some issues the previous lsgov forums were facing and found ways to address them.
    • We will use a phpbb theme which is regularly updated and maintained, so we can easily upgrade our phpbb version as they get released.
    • Faction leaders will be able to upload custom content for ranks, avatars and such themselves.
    • Two factor verification will be enforced on users with sensitive access.
  • Reinstatements into legal factions will open on the day of server's launch. Factions have a deadline of 14 days after the server's launch to open recruitment.
  • The Legal Faction Council will consist of the Head of Legal Factions (IC Governor) and the Leadership. HOLF will serve as a liaison between Legal Faction Leaders and the Leadership.


For the illegal side, we mainly focused on figuring out the flow of weapons on the server. We went over everything from how the weapons get into the server to the hands of suppliers all the way to the end user. We came up with a system where a Supplier will be able to fill out a OOC form with a list of weapons they want to buy, and pay for them with IC cash and OOC points.

  • Supplier can either be a faction, or an individual.
  • Official factions will have the best rates and most points to spend on weapons. Unofficial factions and individuals will be more limited. This is designed to encourage building relationships with larger suppliers if you want cheaper weapons, but doesn't restrict you if you aren't on good terms with anyone. We also try to get rid of the need of OOC connections to acquire weapons.
  • Legal weapons will be harder to acquire and hard limits will be put in place to avoid stockpiling and sale of legal weapons. 
  • Simple forensics will be available for the police to investigate crimes.
  • Players won't be able to park their cars if there's too many weapons in them. This is done to get rid of the stash car meta.


I'll make sure to post more information once the weapon system is actually created, as some things are still subject to change. These systems are designed by dozens of people with years of experience in all aspects of roleplay and we actively try to get ideas from people of different backgrounds.


Release Date

At this stage we're unable to fulfill our original self imposed deadline for release of "Summer 2021". This is due to a series of reasons, but they all boil down to the fact that we don't want to release something we feel wouldn't have the standards we're trying to achieve. We're working hard to deliver a server which shake the RageMP scene to the core, and we can only do that with a rock-solid foundation. That being said, we're currently aiming to release in Q4 of 2021. Unless we encounter major roadblocks, we should all see each other in-game this year.



We're getting our new community suite ready so you can join as soon as possible. We've had many messages from you about creating faction threads early, reserving your names, etcetera. We hear you and we'll open the registration on the following dates:

  • 15th of September for our supporters on Patreon (thank you!)
  • 1st of October for everyone


I hope this update gave you some clarity regarding what we're working on right now. Improving communication with our player base is something we're continuously trying to improve - I'll try to do these updates at least once a week to keep you all in the loop. In the mean time, if you'd like teasers while they're still hot, make sure you join our Discord server. We're posting stuff that's work-in-progress in #snippets now and then.


Thanks for reading,


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