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Hey all,


As another week went by we're back to give you an update on what we've been up to. The week was very productive in terms of infrastructure setup, but we've also got some visual things to show so let's get into it.



Last Wednesday we opened our community forums to all of our Patreon supporters. We're slowly getting the forum, and the entire community suite into a state where we feel happy inviting everyone soon (October 1st) - it looks better every day. Out of nowhere, our Discord actually reached Level 3 boost thanks to your support, which is just great to see. We've also recruited a few new members into our Faction, Modding and Mapping teams; this puts us into a position where we now have an expert for every area of the server that we could think of. Overall the activity's been amazing and I'm very thrilled to see all of us working towards a common goal.



Although the main focus of this week's game mode development was bug fixing, small features and improvements as we take a deep breath before diving into yet another advanced feature after Inventory, there's still some progress to show as far as new features go. We've had the idea of an In Character internet for a while and the prototype's been done for months now, but we pretty much finished the feature this week. Our goal is to have an enclosed, In Character internet which integrates into many of our script features. Not only that, but companies, factions, businesses or even individuals will be able to create a website to reach their audience better. See for yourself:



On the other front of Development, the Modding Team has been working hard to create and collect mods to use on the server. The main focus this week have been liveries for IC agencies and assets for a wide spectrum of players (leo, illegal, prison). A discussion has been started in the Mapping Team, in collaboration with the SD and Faction Team as to how we want to make the prison work.



The Faction Team Council has agreed upon and presented a schedule for the Faction Team to work through over the course of the next 4 weeks, this consists of:

  • Rules of Engagement & Faction Reports
  • Distribution Schemes & Turf Map
  • Official Illegal Factions & Illegal Systems
  • Faction Properties & Leasing


The team is currently focusing on week 1 and has started reviewing the current Rules of Engagement, as well as the way Faction Reports are handled. With the Rules of Engagement being LS-RP's core function for the Illegal Roleplaying scene, members within the faction team are consulting and editing what they deem would fit LS-RP's GTA:V server.


At the end of each week, the Faction Team will be holding a meeting to provide a general overview and agree on what should be implemented. You can expect a more detailed post after conclusions have been made. 


Legal Faction Boards

We successfully set up all legal factions with their new forums. The structure isn't all that different from what we've had previously on lsgov, but before setting them up we polled all legal faction leaders to see what challenges they faced with the previous setup, so we can improve in these areas. We've taken steps to make sure the new forums can be easily maintained, the software is always up-to-date and faction leaders have access to uploading custom content (ranks/images) without the assistance of a Developer.


I hope this post gives you some insight on what's currently going on. We've some exciting projects in our sights for the next week, so don't forget to check back as we announce these. If you aren't a member of our Discord, come chat with us and check out cool snippets before they hit the website or YouTube.




Kind regards,


on behalf the LS-RP Staff

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Looks like a really cool feature. If we end up with another sort of "faceinvader" style social media site, will this be accessible from the in-game mobile too?

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This is really cool! It's neat seeing all the scripting abilities that RageMP is capable of. Can't wait to see where things go in the next few years with it all.

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