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  1. Buying a new PC for a server yet to release X)

    1. FpsAndrew


      Feels bad man

    2. Nature


      ello qt x

  2. You guys have 0 chill. Find a hobby XD
  3. Bruh. You send a zyzz video and don't tag me? Wtf BRAH
  4. Bro this duckling guy just does not stop with the cat posts, huh?
  5. Zyzz's right hand man
  6. Ban evaders are quaking
  7. what are the different types of rifles that are going to be available?
  8. u can actually, send ur account to another sever. After some time you send it back, just do it in a manner that you don't get banned for account transferring which is what Doaenel just got banned for LOL
  9. 30 y/o irl, 12 y/o in different aspects LOL
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