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1 hour ago, Hunter2k said:

no announcements since march. why is some dude called yekim posting the meeting notes instead of the actual management? 

I don't know why people rant on the forums like it will help? Just disappear until they launch not that hard...

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On 6/6/2022 at 4:10 AM, SmallFry said:

Krisk didn't RP and was a weirdo.


Krisk did RP, as he faction hopped everywhere asking kids if they want to play pocket tennis


On 6/8/2022 at 12:21 AM, Ronnie2Polez said:

Ehhhhhhhhh, Surreal's LSRP was mid-tier LSRP, the decline of it all. Dude was like Krisk 2.0 besides he wasn't a pedo he was just a dude that had a friendship group (you included in said group, love u tho) that ran LSRP down to the ground the remaining days. I get Surreal was there, but he wasn't any better. Probably wasn't entirely his fault, not saying the dude didn't care but what could he have done ya kno? SAMP wasn't going to last forever. At least the damn server ran. 


Also, remember when we used to all be noobs during the OG trucking script days in like 2011-12 - RPing a Crip during server peak and when everyone logged off u trucked the night out lmao. Noob days!

Surreal was a crazy alcoholic, him and Chiky were always drunk o_O


People naturally drifted away and moved to V but communities within old games can last a long way if they're being lead & cared for properly and genuinely - which was not the case for Surreal, where the downfall began.


I'm awed at the fact people are anticipating this server to launch after being handed off to a bunch of slackers that were worse off the milkers before them.


You bring some serious memories with these crips by day dock trucker by night lmao

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Posted (edited)

It's really depressing how LS:RP has devolved from what I have loved, and what I thought as a second family. Los Locotes' membership, the great fun I had with them, YLONEN, Joey_Cortez, Cailiz etc. The great fun I had in Seville with Edward Linus, Mike Elefe, Frank White, etc. Valenti's crew, and associates... DamianC as the head of the staff... all that story I had with them is pretty much gone, thanks to the action of few who decided to bring down the work of so many people. The sheer amount of incompetency before and after the takedown of the forums, to switch to GTAV. The soulless amount of content until now.


Why did someone decide to go for GTAV? Did they really think that LS:RP was dying due GTASA being outdated? Did they really not see that they were at fault? Obviously LS:RP had its issues, but they were inside the game. Not outside of it.

The removal of the forums was the biggest stab to the heart. The constant delays up until today, were just twisting the knife deeper. The community will realize how awkward and goofy the aesthetic of this game is. The giant lack of skins because the Multiplayer engine cannot use existing NPC skins, so everyone will look the same or similar, using shitty presets. Pray that you can use ped skins.

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After reading through the whole topic/comments and going through some of the discord conversations, I strongly believe that this should ring some alarm bells for management. There's not a single positive comment in this whole thread for the leaders of this community.


Simply put, the community is overall unhappy and dissatisfied. I have 2 messages:


My public message to the leadership team:


Regardless of what's happened with development, lack of updates and all, I believe there is still hope to bring this community together and take this as a massive learning lesson. Right now, as I see it, players keep mentioning "transparency." All they want is honesty and being upfront. A simple search on LSRP's main discord channel of the word "Transpar" would show how many times and how many players have mentioned the lack of transparency from leadership. Even in this topic, the same thing is repeated. With that being said, you guys have definitely made attempts to be transparent but clearly, it's not enough because that term is consistently brought back and used amongst the community (even staff members). So that is something that should be looked at and prevent from happening again in the future.


I also believe there's an element of professionalism that lacks in leadership/staff. Of course this is a game and people fuck around (which is completely fine), but high-level people need to maintain some sort of professionalism atleast in tense situations. The prime example is within this topic and those are the replies from Kane. First of all, I'd like to mention that I have a lot of respect for Kane. This guy has done A LOT for LSRP in SAMP and here. I know he's a hard-worker and he's been one of the most responsive people during this tough time. Much respect for him. However, not everyone is perfect and what Kane did in this topic should be considered a mistake in all honesty. All of the comments by Kane were just bizarre instead if he posted something positive AKA what Yekim posted, that's literally what everyone was looking for. Instead, he made the most useless comments. In a moment where LSRP is filled with negativity, I cannot understand why one of the highest ranked guys was poking instead of trying to calm players down and bring some sort of positivity. The staff need to understand that you guys are actually responsible for leading a huge community. Therefore, you guys need to be able to demonstrate real leadership by not only completing the work, but also by being liked, respected, and trusted in the community. That goes a long way.


Another thing is criticism. People are frustrated and there's a decent reason behind that. Why are people topics being deleted? Why are they getting forum banned? I haven't personally witnessed it myself, but I've got that through reading this topic. Y'all need to be more understanding and overall nice. Imagine if one of the topics that was deleted was instead locked and the last message from one of the staff read: "Hey, we understand your frustration. However, the way you've gone about expressing X is not acceptable for X reasons. I am going to lock this topic, but you can feel free to contact me personally and we can discuss. Regards, X admin." That's obviously an example, but that indirectly shows something to the rest of the community. That shows you guys have patience by not just banning them right away (obviously within limitations), shows you actually care about the players. And that's essentially what leads to being liked and respected. Be nice, let people express their concerns within limitations.


Management needs to make an effort to gel the community back together. I would highly recommend one of the leaders from LSRP to make a forward-looking statement where the community feels like they're being led by people who care about them. And once the server launches, to actually act upon that. Acknowledging your team's short-comings would be even better, it shows accountability. Just a transparent, honest message to the whole community would, in my opinion, bring back some respect and relief from the community. And that statement shouldn't probably be put out now, but maybe when the server releases or close to being released. You guys probably know a better time than I do. The bottom line is that the leadership needs to gain the trust and respect of the community again because it has been lost.


Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone from the management team. Kane and Martin, you guys are obviously the backbone of this whole project and without you guys, this would never be possible. I am very appreciative everything you guys have done and you guys have my full support. A special thank you to Kane though. Even though I pointed something negative here, your activity and responsiveness have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for being available and responsive to players and that's on top of all the development work you've done/are doing.


My message to the community:


Brudda's, I know what has happened isn't the best and shit happens, but fuck we're all gonna tap in when LSRP releases so let's just try to show some sorta support to the people who lead this project. None of us have said thank you or be appreciative of  what's been going on. The last update was on July 13 so it's not all that bad and in the back of our minds, we atleast know that work is being done. Let's just try taking it easy on these guys. Hopefully things will get better soon.



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Really and truly, LS:RP's over. It died the day that DamianC left and Martin took over. I don't know what the fuck this chaotic shit is, but it's not LS:RP. LS:RP was organised, professional, and most importantly, fun.

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I just remembered about good ole LSRP and the old forums, tried getting on there but our boy Martin still has them locked up. Right, that's when I realized this "project" has gone nowhere. Came on here to see that my assumption was spot on! 

Found this as the most active thread on the whole forum with the first post on this page being from July 5th. It tells you something,no?


I read through most of the replies and wow, I got a blast from the past! Classic General Discussions topic from the old forums, except this one is still unlocked and not deleted? What a way to start my Sunday. 


All I can say is, that release date along with the staff replies on this thread have aged like milk. Some of them are straight up COMEDY lol.

I don't understand the admins/testers defending Martin, do your colored names mean that much to you? I was staff myself but I never felt like losing my dignity over it. Why does he not get on here and say a couple of words himself, even if it was lies, at least that way he can buy himself a little more time? Doesn't take a whole lot of energy and time to do it, no?


The lack of transparency has always been a recurring theme for this community and it seems like it's going to stay like that until its very end. How come they never learn after all these years just baffles me. Which is really a bummer because this is one of the best communities I've been a part of and I'm sure many other people can say the same. 


I remember the moment they removed Damian from leadership, but I don't remember there being a valid reason behind it? This was 2016 I think, the consequences were felt the very next year with a massive decrease in player count. Let's not lie to ourselves he was far from perfect but at least he was active, putting in some effort here and there and wasn't going MIA. Server script was a dinosaur compared to some I've seen but it was simple and more than enough for the most of us. With a small overhaul surely it would have kept the SAMP LSRP alive & running for another couple of years. Instead they let egos get in the way and would you look at where that has brought all of us. 


I had hope that there was going to be something out of this but when they postponed after December I knew where this was going. Had me fooling ngl

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3 hours ago, Natasha Valentine said:



Furniture Script for permanent inmates, I'm truly excited for it's release! I can feel that it's super close! 😍 #staypositive!


Oooh a prison feature, big woop. It still doesn't explain why the release date has been missed YET AGAIN when it was supposed to have been ready in the summer when character applications opened, yet it was clearly nowhere near ready. It's been almost a month since the last 'release date' has been and gone and no explanation as to why.

If it isn't already blatantly obvious to everyone after being given false promises time and time again, this project is going absolutely nowhere.

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  • Lead Developer
36 minutes ago, HelixProject said:


Oooh a prison feature, big woop. It still doesn't explain why the release date has been missed YET AGAIN when it was supposed to have been ready in the summer when character applications opened, yet it was clearly nowhere near ready. It's been almost a month since the last 'release date' has been and gone and no explanation as to why.

If it isn't already blatantly obvious to everyone after being given false promises time and time again, this project is going absolutely nowhere.


It's been explained several times. We set dates that we weren't able to make because we underestimated the work left and how long it would take, on top of real life responsibilities and delays.


Now, I see all your posts are just hate, so there is no reasoning with you. But if you think this "project is going absolutely nowhere", you're too filled with hate & blind to the progress that is being posted weekly. I am curious though why you're still dedicating time to posting about a project which you believe is going nowhere. Side note, why Tor and all the VPNs?


Anyways... :poggies:

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