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  1. Criticism was so good he broke a non-existent rule.
  2. TY for an actual update, hopefully it's good news.
  3. I've asked for basic information and all I've gotten back is "wait for the update they will update you later". You then proceed to defend the lack of communication with straight lies when they obviously were able to communicate with the forums and community but chose not to. You're just trying to bait confrontation so this thread can get deleted too.
  4. You guys really need to communicate to keep your lies and stories straight. So Mmartin can't contact LS-RP and has no internet access besides Telegram, but yet last week he posted on LS-RP Discord he was going to a concert? Interesting.
  5. Alright, at this point you guys are just trolling. There's no way this is a real.
  6. The intentional deletion and banning of forum posts/members was an uncontrollable event?
  7. Why are you pretending like we haven't received an update in 6 months and had multiple threads deleted asking what the fuck is going on? Does your colored forum name seriously mean that much to you? @Dos Santos @danielswe
  8. This isn't a community. It's a staff team hiding from exposing the truth, and annoyed forum lurkers who just get shit on for asking basic questions. Any update from the Sunday staff meeting?
  9. Old LS-RP does not exist anymore. It's been slowly erased from existence. The old forums are gone with no explanation as to why. The new forums have zero information other than false promises and deleted threads. The history of LS-RP has been deleted.
  10. This will be just like when Doctor Strange saved Iron man and then the multiverse was united and came back to save earth!!!!!
  11. Last update, SIX months ago to the day.
  12. In one week we will be at HALF A YEAR since a Patreon update.
  13. I ran over and murdered a cat girl on purpose and blamed it on lag.
  14. How would adding a script for power gaming taking peoples items solve a rule breaking stall issue?
  16. Yes.. the whole server is still in development
  17. EAC runs like shit on AAA million dollar games. Elden Ring Devs Respond To Framerate and Easy Anti Cheat PC Issues (dualshockers.com)
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