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  1. just use the lsrp+ editor and the GTAW chatlog assistant else just use photoshop add noise at +1 put ur text in job done
  2. It can according to rage devs
  3. see what @yekim posted. mmartin wants to wait till they can showcase stuff. I'm holding the pitchforks with you, but at least just read lol
  4. This is from a month ago... I mean in regards to my questions. You said you'd pass on the message in the staff meeting and no one had 5 minutes to reply? Not even a discord message? "Hey forums will be back X"? Wtf is this xd
  5. But... Not the forum? What was the message?
  6. Good to know that leadership is spending so much time on coding and... What is Ben doing again, sorry. I forget his duties without the server being open. To spend 5 minutes writing out a reply here. Weird!
  7. So, no one in leadership had ANY time to post a quick reply? I thought you had access to Mmartin on Telegram? Was that a lie or are you lying now?
  8. The problem I, and many others, see is the complete lack of transparency that was promised. All Mmartin had to do was download discord on his phone, create a new account quickly, message Kane on telegram "hey dude give me admin roles on this account" then send a message "Hey everyone, I'm currently moving house due to getting robbed. My PC is currently with the mover company and I can't script without it since all the server files are on there. I know I should've backed it up but we all learn a lesson, whether it be the hard or easy way". (I don't know if that was the reason, just an example.) It's not much any of us are asking for. We just want honesty. If the server needs 2 more years, why not just say? It's the lack of transparency I will still play it despite my complaining. We just want transparency
  9. Lets see if Management listens to their staff. We'll see on Sunday. And why weren't the threads put here? https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/forum/319-general-discussions-archive/? Where are they.
  10. Could you liase with them, since staff seem to have much more communication with leadership and management than the players do and get us answers to these questions? So they were hidden from the public and not archived?
  11. The forums were removed with ZERO warning as far as I remember. Not even giving a chance for players to collect their screenshots and what not. I have no reason to trust Mmartin when he goes MIA every 5 months, not even telling "his" community what is happenning. I have no reason to trust Mmartin when the server was delayed by a year. Funny in that screenshot it says "We will have a first release in the coming weeks". What happened? If you were so close to opening the server back then, why has it taken a year? Also, I was talking about the two threads that have been hidden, silently. Why? Why were the threads removed?
  12. Why have they been made inaccessible? Why was this done silently? And it still made ZERO sense to me why the forums were simple taken down and not just put in a read only state, and disabling new account creation. It's vbulletin. Those forums are never coming back and you can admit it.
  14. second thread deleted?
  15. The information that it was supposed to be released after launch was Summer 2021, It's been a year.
  16. It was said to be released after the server launch. All it takes is removing posting permissions from the "Registered user" role. It's vbulletin, not hard. There are plenty of testers not doing anything who can ban spambots if they show up (not like it took a few days when the forums were up anyway) It's just upsetting that this is the hill @Mmartin @Kane and @Ben want to die on. Is it really that hard?
  17. michael houstan stopped PD from going anywhere wdym
  18. because i am a dog woof woof
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