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  1. "I think a lot of people would play again" 30 players at most, before it dwindles away again for the same reasons. admit this shit is dead
  2. Stretchrum

    July Update

    Nah, they don't care. They might show up eventually and pretend like it hasn't been rado silence for months or pretend like it isn't killing off what little support they had left. You might even get a snarky remark or two, if you're lucky.
  3. Stretchrum

    July Update

    I'm sure they wouldn't lie to us again haha, I have 0 reason to doubt their credibility :DD
  4. Stretchrum

    July Update

    Can't wait for this to finally come out sometime in the next 11 days haha I'm fully confident you guys will stick to your word
  5. He took his gangbanger character too literally
  6. Dude got a warning for leaving
  7. So... why was @Stormbird's departure post silently deleted? Yall just swept that under the rug lmao.
  8. The threads ran their course...? The threads were on topic and the only place where people could express their growing frustration with this project. The only place where they vaguely got answers/updates on here. One of the threads was a member announcing their departure after the deletion, it's ridiculous that that one was hidden/removed so quickly. Hasn't this one run it's course too? I feel like this excuse is used a lot to suppress discussion on forums.
  9. Keep deleting the threads boys, that'll make them change their mind on leaving
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