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  1. 2011 - unfortunately never had the experience prior to 2011. Would have been amazing though.
  2. How do you know that the pateron money was used for a personal holiday? To my understanding Mmartin has a life, a girlfriend so holidays are usually common when you’re working? how do you know that the pateron money isn’t just sat in a separate bank account for the server itself to fund the server for future months? Nobody knows, only Mmartin can answer that. All staff members are required to have a Authenticator for their accounts on LSRP including Mmartin his Authenticator could’ve been on his computer instead of his phone, I don’t personally know but that could be something. no point going back and fall none of us are happy about the delays and the way we’ve been left, but now we just need to get the server out and moving and a announcement will be released soon relaying from the meeting lastnight
  3. He returned? When we had no access to Martin the leads had access to telegram? To me you’re just trying to stir stuff around. Martin was away, due to personal circumstances and didn’t have access to a laptop. During the process nobody had access to contact him apart from the Lead Administration team where they communicated with him there. He has now returned and started posting in the discord when he finally had his computer. hope that clears it up and clears up the confusion of our so called lies.
  4. Why would regular staff try contacting mmartin on telegram? Leadership need to keep in contact with him so they had contact in that regards.
  5. Management are going to be making a server-wide announcement today. I can understand your frustration as I feel it too, but the news that’s being delivered is somewhat good news.
  6. We haven’t received a update either so I don’t know why you’re trying to act like we know something you don’t, in the last six months we have all been in the same boat. Tonight, during the meeting we can finally ask questions about what’s happening and hopefully get somewhere in the near future.
  7. How can we hide from exposing the truth if the meeting hasn’t even happened yet, we will all be up to date on the status of the server later this evening when the meetings finished.
  8. Dos Santos


    good stuff bro
  9. Starting a new job soon and one of the benefits is having shares, starting is £3,600. But this obviously goes up. If you're there for five years you then get to sell them tax free. Not sure if this is good, but hopefully it's a huge benefit..
  10. I feel like when the server launches, we are going to have to get furniture designers / mappers to brand together to try and get furnishing done in-game, so having a community of people ready to start furnishing in-game would definetely be a good start.
  11. Let’s take this to the next level
  12. I personally don't agree with having Los Santos / San Andreas bordered of from the mainland. Back on LS-RP SA-MP it was a un-written rule where SA replicated California and should be done the same here, simply not allowing us to have a mainland sort of vibe is strictly going to cause issues in the near future. Hopefully not, we can have a thread that clarifies what's what so there isn't speculations. But I totally do agree that San Andreas should replicate California.
  13. It has been confirmed. San Andreas is going to be acted as a island and we don't connect to the mainland.
  14. Finishing school at 3PM going home playing LSRP until 12am! Enjoying the different factions and encounters I had, good times…
  15. Maximum Gaming Roleplay Please tell me I ain’t the only one
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