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    Weapon and Drug Schemes

    excuse my scepticism but what separates this from the old strawman system? is the weapon scheme going to end up like its old friend by becoming a lucrative group whos membership is afforded only to a select few, while the rest have to blow mafia recruits and fight for scraps? why do it on a strict case-by-case basis? you could just give admittance to groups that dont break rules and allow them to buy basic weapons instead of falling into the same old pattern of constant regulation its already been proven that factions cant be trusted to distribute weapons properly. what about grey characters that arent in illegal factions but still wanna engage in criminal rp? there's never going to be an incentive for somebody to sell them firearms when they can hand them out to their faction members n ooc friends instead if u dont see the issue with having 1 guy (the faction leader) applying to the scheme, and then giving him the guns with the expectation of proper distribution then idk what to say lol 7 years of samp went out of the window
  2. please this. SAN was horrible because it was used as a gift, by admins - bestowed to people deemed reputable enough in the community (usually their friends) and the players who joined organically got kicked every few months when it inevitably switched hands just make a broadcasting system and reward channels to media factions who perform well
  3. what customization experience? the vast majority of freemode blendshapes look horrible and are completely unviable for character design. if u go on world or another popular server you'll come across the same 10 faces and hairstyles because while yes, there are a plethora of choices, most of them suck ass and only a few combinations end up being used anyways adding ped skins widens the avenue for community based modding, something which had an undeniable impact on lsrp's growth in the samp era. its an advantage you shouldnt throw away just because it hinders development for a while. there are limitations when it comes to modding the freemode ped, limitations which could be bypassed by implementing regular peds. here are some benefits: unique and personal character designs which stem from the modding ecosystem custom skeletons/yfts so characters can represent height, age and weight better. custom animations can also utilise these unique yfts which opens up the potential for unseen features. an example of this would be making a wheelchair, using the ped system, with a unique skeleton, that can be animated and synced with a character and work perfectly. you could also use this to have ped props, and animate them in great detail interoperability with rage - addon peds are very easy to implement (pretty much drag and drop) theyre very modular in design (a modder can easily export a ped, add or edit a clothing/body variation, then put it back in the game) bypass freemode limitations (like the game crushing all racial textures to 1mb dxt5) which prevents high quality modding of faces etc i really do think its something with untapped potential and itd be a shame to have it thrown on the backburner like world
  4. lsrp can definitely compete with gta:w when it comes to civilian roleplay. there's a pretty toxic civi vs criminal discussion going on rn due to a lapse of quality in factions spiking chain robberies & crimes against the innocent. intrusive actions aren't fun when u have to encounter them whenever u hop on. a good representation and focus on illegal rp helps mitigate these issues because it becomes a lot more self governing. not to mention a lot of the civi focused features on gta:w are fluff n dont really serve a purpose other than to pad the server - people will happily go without them if it means a more immersive and fun experience there's also lot of disdain for groups like RPQ and IFM, with the general consensus being "why are noobs enforcing how i rp when they cant rp themselves"
  5. have a server owned system which sells new vehicles, and implement urs as a second hand dealership that allows players to put their collection on display and sell them. bcs while in theory i like the concept of all vehicles, including the heavily taxed new ones in ur proposal, being sold solely through players im worried that power issues akin to the strawman system would take place and they'd end up being distributed on a friends-first basis
  6. more freedom when it comes to low-mid level corruption. if someone gets fired for something IC let them come back on another character without going through the full academy again. getting down in a back alley or letting someone on an assault charge loose for a couple hundred $$$ shouldn't be punished with a month removal from the faction
  7. yeah. even the strawman system, which was designed specifically to combat gun scarcity had the opposite effect. it led to this disgusting ecosystem where weapon distributors became pseudo admins who granted people the luxury of gun roleplay and took it upon themselves to regulate what others did. sure, renowned factions like PEN1 and EC13 had no issues obtaining guns because they were in the upper echelon of roleplay but if you were an up and coming group without notoriety or OOC connections? doomed. nobody wants to blow a mafia member for 2 months buying kilos of drugs just to get a glimpse of firearm roleplay, it leads to a toxic environment where people care too much about their possessions and will engage in overly aggressive behavior to protect them. getting robbed at gun point? np, ill pull out my own gun and try to kill them because the alternative is a worse outcome. scared of being stomped out in a script fight? np i'll just scroll and dome them because i don't want to risk losing my gun. make pistols piss easy to obtain and bump up the severity of deathmatching
  8. i think its important to understand why people are fed up with gta world and are desperately seeking an alternative. quality, freedom and a lack of support for illegal rp are in my opinion the biggest drivers for player discontent over there, so going against that by restricting player housing is not a good idea. effort should be placed on developing businesses and key areas so hubs appear naturally. renovate the mega mall and add another in vespucci make a public park closer to the center of the map and add spawn points nearby for easy access add an efficient public transport system which allows people to get around the map easier (and no, dont just add player taxis and expect them to ferry people 24/7. make an NPC controlled subway system and an NPC driven bus route) dont make everything a UCP feature. ie skin customization should be done IG. place default businesses at one or two locations max and don't scatter them across the map just because it makes more sense for the lore. a phone shop, jewellery shop, barber shop and clothing shop should all be next to each other at an easy to access location like the davis mega mall. this funnels players into one area and so long as there's other things for them to do there, will facilitate excess roleplay and let the rest work itself out naturally. given the systems are in place people will make their own roleplay
  9. would've released it. the more features you stack on one another the more problems you'll have on launch, especially when you have a very hyped project. you can't test well for 500+ players, especially on a platform you don't have much experience with. getting a good tested infrastructure going and adding content periodically might be less hype but its also a lot less risky and lets you accommodate your community directly rather than flipping the bay area roleplay coin you even said it yourself. how can you accurately account for all the potential issues you'll get between here and feb?
  10. they'd never get disabled. lsrp understands the importance of modding culture its impact on server growth
  11. im fairly sure these mods are just client-side additions rage loads when you enter a server so they wouldnt really affect performance like typical mapping would
  12. i'd like to see some sort of system which allows businesses to generate profit based on roleplay output rather than filling an economic demand. scrap entry fees and give businesses the money they need to thrive so the focus is on providing quality roleplay instead of worrying about upkeep
  13. maintenance of exotic property is a big no lol forcing players to hop on to grind wealth would be a miserable experience. if you're advocating for ridiculous tax brackets and large weekly/monthly insurance costs then you're promoting a system where grinding is incentivized over roleplay. i shouldnt be locked into having a second job just to roleplay upper class. encourage people to roleplay better and punish the people that refuse to, rather than introduce arbitrary roadblocks which prohibit people from actually wanting to portray this shit well people get lost in the prospects of a realistic economy but forget how detrimental a realistic economy would be for players who want to focus on roleplay instead of worrying about slaving away paychecks or business openings. quality over quantity gta 5 is also a massive map relative to SA and you're much less likely to encounter a shitty roleplayer speeding through the projects in their pink turismo, not to say there shouldnt be consequences for doing so
  14. i think forced permanent incarceration should be a thing when you reach a certain amount of violent felonies. it helps circumvent illegal vs legal divide by pushing criminals to interact with other criminals when engaging in violent crime as they're much less likely to be prosecuted. it also helps to prevent the disproportionate amount of robberies committed against civilians, especially in high income areas
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