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  1. Oooh a prison feature, big woop. It still doesn't explain why the release date has been missed YET AGAIN when it was supposed to have been ready in the summer when character applications opened, yet it was clearly nowhere near ready. It's been almost a month since the last 'release date' has been and gone and no explanation as to why. If it isn't already blatantly obvious to everyone after being given false promises time and time again, this project is going absolutely nowhere.
  2. Still deleting posts I see. Great transparency! Again I'll ask, how many more times are you going to blatantly lie to the community and how many more times do you think people are going to listen to your false promises? I've no idea how any community can be run this way.
  3. HelixProject

    July Update

    Can't believe ya'll fell for this shit again, idiots.
  4. My dear fellow, you must really enjoy the unmistakable, musky aroma of sweaty man ass. Because my word your nose is jammed so far up Kane's ass even dung beetles won't go near you. You sir, are fucking cringe af.
  5. LOL yeah, those tough personal circumstances spending that Patreon money to vacation in Slovenia, posting his vacation snaps to instagram despite supposedly not having access to his passwords. Who has their IG passwords but not their Discord passwords? Leadership who can't pass on messages from Mmartin via Telegram, a likely story. My heart bleeds
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